The 1x1 of the players of the fc barcelona this season

The individual analysis of the players of the Barça this course

The individual analysis of the players of the Barça this course

Published:18/05/2014 - 20:50h


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The best team of the history needs a deep renewal if it wants to continue struggling by the titles. A year in white and the absolute loss of the style force to take difficult but necessary decisions. Until 11 players of the current staff could leave the club

Possibly any fan of the world enjoy never neither the half of what have enjoyed the fans of the Barça in the last years. Of the hand of Rijkaard, Guardiola and Vilanova, the Barcelona team amazed to the world offering the style futbolístico more aesthetic and competitive of the history. However, a year in white (the Supercopa does not explain) is sufficient argument to darse that this stage has finished. Luckily, and unlike other periods, the cycle can and has to continue. 

While the Barça have in his rows to players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or Busquets will continue in the elite and if besides it is able to reinforce with intelligence, will go back to win. To continuation offer you the first and only list that dares to call to the things by his name. With all the respect of the world, without any spirit of revancha, but with the objectivity by flag review the 1x1 of the Barça, analysing the present and future of all the protagonists.

1. Víctor Valdés (DROP): In his day already criticise the decision of the goalkeeper of not renewing with the Barça (although seen the seen perhaps had his reasons). A very sensitive drop badly solved from the beginning. The signing of Ter Stegen has good paints, but does not leave to be a proof of risk. Still today we ask us how the Barça has not bet by Courtois. The goalkeeper of Chelsea (yielded to the Athletic) is at present, and with a lot of difference, the best goalkeeper of the world (fichable). Although his price was high (30/35 millions), his age, quality and adaptation to the Spanish football and European were all a guarantee. 

2. Martín Montoya (FOLLOW): His renewal is all a tarpaulin (to exception of his clause that is ridiculous). With 23 years, the player of Gavà is prepared to go going in in the team with more regularity. Although it still is not to title indisputable, the side aims ways. It needs minutes to keep growing and turn into indisputable. 

3. Gerard Hammered (FOLLOWS, BUT WITH CONDITIONS): A súper luxury with provision of utilitario. The defence seems empeñado in simply fulfil when all know that it is one of the best head offices of the world. It needs to recover the motivation of the first two seasons and surrender of way regulate to the maximum level. Definitely, the signing this summer of two head offices contrasted (that they will put him pressure) will help and a lot to recover to the best Hammered. 

4. Cesc Fàbregas (FOLLOWS, BUT WITH CONDITIONS): Another case like the one of Hammered. Players that suffer too many disconnections during the season. When they are well they are the best of the world, when they are not, meat of bench. In the concrete case of Cesc (and taking into account that it is intimate of Messi and is not the oven for buns), would give him another opportunity, although warning seriously to the player that the seasons last nine months, and no six. In case of not improving, would plant him in a market that is had to pay by the one of Arenys 50 million euros. 

5. Carles Puyol (DROP): The big captain has not had luck with the injuries and has seen forced to announce that this summer leaves it. A main drop, answer to many of the problems that suffers at present the team. Without Puyol the Barça has lost the strength, harp, delivery, sacrifice, superación, commitment... Without doubting it neither a second, the best defence of the modern history of the Barça. Thank you. 

6. Xavi Hernández (FOLLOW): The egarense is one of the footballers that more have admired never. The tiki-taka was born with him, the Barça campeonísimo also. Even the Red touched the sky thanks to the teacher. We give thank you for having enjoyed of this so special player and ask that the history commission to give him the space that deserves. And once done the presentations return to the present: Xavi is a slower second that before, what causes that the rhythm of possession of the Barça was more predictable. Of face to the next season would have to happen to title indisputable to acting of luxury. 

7. Pedro Rodríguez (TRANSFERIBLE): The Canarian will fulfil in July 27 years, or was that it is more than aprovechable. By his delivery and enormous quality deserves to follow, perhaps was not to the level of before, but to players like Pedro want them always in our team. It can be a player number 12 wonderful. Untransferable except offer irrechazable (35/40 millions). 

8. Andrés Iniesta (FOLLOW): To the doors of the 30, fulfils them in May, the manchego is one of the intocables of this team. By quality and path deserves to keep on being one of the pillars of the team. Now well, of face to the next season it is necessary to demand him greater regularity (this has not been his best year) and more goal. His numbers of this season are unworthy of a footballer of his category. 

9. Alexis Sánchez (ON SALE): The Chilean is an excellent player, but no for the Barça. Alexis would shine in any team that play to the against or that his usual style was not the infinite possession. It is necessary to take advantage of his big season to achieve a good traspaso that help to fichar to a "9" contastado. His price never would have to be inferior to the 35/40 millions, if it does not arrive an offer like this DOES not SELL . 

10. Leo Messi (INDISPENSABLE): In the last hours are knowing details that help to imagine why has suffered similar bajón of performance in the decisive stretch of the season. To these heights seems us incredible that the managerial have doubts on the commitment of the best player of the history and have not been able to close his renewal of immediate way (had saved us a lot of problems). We expect that they know to value to Leo as it deserves and recover him for the cause. Without him, there is not future. 

11. Neymar (FOLLOW): The first season of the crack Brazilian has been very irregular. It has had moments of big level but also a lot of parties in which it has been very underneath of what expects of a star like him. It is true that all the problems derived of his signing have influenced in his performance and that, besides, the general level of the team neither has helped. With Neymar the Barça fichó future, touches to expect. 

12. Jonathan Two Saints (ON SALE): The Mexican midfield player lesionó of gravity and this season has not had opportunity to show at all. Still like this, his position in the field requires much more physical. In what it recover it is necessary traspasarle. 

13. José Manuel Paint (DROP): The goalkeeper gaditano, of 38 years, finalises agreement and according to the last informations the club already has communicated him that it will not follow. It is a logical decision, although this have been able to cause some problem of changing room. 

14. Javier Mascherano (ON SALE): In June will fulfil 30 years, what means that it has arrived the moment to do box and look for alternatives of quality. The Argentinian has had to reconvert to head office and, although in a lot of parties has fulfilled, his defensive lacks (especially in the aerial football) force to look for to a substitute of greater guarantees. The Naples of Rafa Benítez walks after his signing and this it is necessary to take advantage of it. His price? 15/20 millions. 

15. Marc Bartra (FOLLOW): An authentic value of future. His progression during this last season has been enormous. Still it is missing him experience and job, but this will go it purchasing to base of minutes. It surprises that in his recent renewal put him only 25 million clause. It is ridiculous. 

16. Sergio Busquets (FOLLOW): The one of Badía is indispensable, one of the pillars in which it has to sustentarse the Barça of the future. This season has suffered small bajones of game, suppose that caused by a clear excess of minutes and effort. His acting theorist, Alex Song, has not been to the height and all the important parties has had to them play. 

17. Alex Song (ON SALE): Disappointing, one of the last errors of Zubizarreta. Neither it knows to play of head office, neither reaches the minimum level required to be pivote of the Barça. It is necessary to look for urgently an exit that like minimum do us recover the invested and allow to look for a substitute of level. Paul Pogba does not seem bad. 

18. Jordi Alba (FOLLOW): A big signing that little by little has gone difuminando. The continuous muscular injuries that has suffered during the season have prevented him reach his best level. Besides, there is the one who sustains that having to Neymar (extreme individualista and deep) in left band, play with an offensive side like Alba loses his sense. We share it. 

19. Ibrahim Afellay (ON SALE): Another disaster of the sportive direction, a true "zero to the left" during all the course. Only we expect that this summer are able to look for a definite exit for the Dutch player and leave to postpone the problem. 

20. Cristian Tello (ON SALE): By the current configuration of the staff (excess of players of band) would be interesting to value the possible offers. If it arrives some irrechazable (25/30 millions) it is necessary to sell. However, in case of not reaching these figures is a player perfectly aprovechable. No like titling, but yes like an acting youngster and of level. 

21. Adriano Correia (FOLLOW): The Brazilian has signed one of his best seasons with the Barça. The injuries have respected him and has been able to offer a very beneficial plus for the team. His polivalencia and quality (can play in the two bands) turn him into a very interesting joker. It has to follow. 

22. Dani Alves (ON SALE): The best right side of the history of the Barça. Unfortunately his performance every time goes to less (part of fault has it the own Zubizarreta not to renewing him as to the rest). Without forgetting that Alves to 60% is better player that the majority of right sides of the world, if it arrived an offer of 25/30 millions would be the moment of traspasarle, however, if the offers received are to the drop DOES not SELL . It has arrived the moment that we learn to make money with the traspasos. Alves Has a list of winners of gold and is to title with the Brazilian selection. This has a price. 

23. Isaac Cuenca (ON SALE): Another "gift" of Zubi. The extreme of Reus has suffered a pair of grave injuries that have separated him totally of the dynamics of the team. To the equal that Tello and Afellay, the excess of players of band condemn him to the traspaso. 

24. Sergi Roberto (FOLLOW): The next season has to be a much more important piece of what has been in this. It expects that it take a step forward and it show the good footballer that is. With patience and minutes, could be a worthy successor of Xavi Hernández. 

25. Oier Olazábal (FOLLOW): Everything and the exits confirmed of Valdés and Paint, the third goalkeeper culé will not have his opportunity. The more than likely arrival of Ter Stegen, accompanied of a second guadameta, condemn him to the ostracism.

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