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The origin of 'Royal' and other curiosities on Emerson, new piece of the Barça

Published:2/06/2021 - 19:30h

Updated:2/06/2021 - 19:33h

Emerson Royal turned into the third acquisition of the FC Barcelona, finally will fulfil his dream to play in the Camp Nou and from the club revealed 10 curious data of his life

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In the middle of a week moved for the FC Barcelona, this Tuesday confirmed the signing of Emerson Royal by the Barça of face to the next season. And, from the Barcelona club revealed a list of 10 curiosities of the life and career of the Brazilian side, that some are unknown by the barcelonismo and that they will be keys to discover to the new piece culé.

1- Why it calls Royal?

It results that the complete name of Emerson is Emerson Appeared Leite of Souza, but in his elastic luce the patterned And. Royal, a name that began to carry in his second season in the Betis, the 2019-20. The same treats of a nickname of the infancy that put him his aunt. When Emerson was boy, there was a pet of an announcement of the aspic of the mark 'Royal' that had the very big mouth. And like the small Emerson cried by everything, his aunt said him Royal to do it anger more. The final result was a bigger mouth, as the pet of the aspic.

2- 'Of the favela to the world'

Emerson was born and bred part of his infancy in a favela of the district of Ermelino Matarazzo (Sao Paulo). A place that always has present. It feels pride of his identity, to the point that carries in his arm has a tattoo that prays: it gives favela for or world (of the favela to the world). This is not everything, as the footballer travels to help to the earth of his origins whenever it can. Even, during the pandemia, the side donó foods to the neighbourhood of his origins. A sample more than his rooting to this humble zone zone of Brazil.

3- it Began attacking, finished defending

Emerson began his career occupying positions of attack. But to measure that advanced, his position delayed even more. Of the medullary to the side. In principle sucedió by need. With 11 years played like defensive pivote, but in front of the fault of a side in the team, the technician positioned it in this side of the field. A position in which it never would abandon.

4- A golazo special

It was on 2 April 2018 when Emerson marked his first so much in the professional football. A powerful hit from the long distance that no only served to see his première goleador, but also to give the glass do Interior to the Put you Preta. A team of the state of Sao Paulo that the now footballer culé defended from age of juvenile.

5- Identified with Jordan

"Always I have thought that if you work, the results will come alone. I do not do the things half, because I know that if I do it then only can expect have mediocre results". With this sentence of Michael Jordan recorded, Emerson trains in his house each day to improve. A mentality that attracts the work to reach the successes.

6- Always with a smile

As to all good Brazilian, to Emerson likes him esbozar a perennial smile in the face. "They do not like me the boring people. The Brazilians have identity, always want to be with people, speaking, smiling. I am happy. In my house all the time impera the laugh with my friends, with my mother, with my father", exposed in an interview.

7- The sixth right side Brazilian of the Barça

Aloisio, central defence that Johan Cruyff reconverted in right side, Belletti, Dani Alves, Adriano, polyvalent side that combined the left band and the right, Douglas and, now, Emerson. These are all the right sides of the Brazil that have defended the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona in the history of the club.

8 - The 43º Brazilian of the history of the Barça

Of Fausto Two Saints to Emerson, going through footballers like Evaristo, Ronaldinho or Coutinho. The side of Sao Paulo has turned into the 43º Brazilian in lucir the elastic culé. All they have shined in a moment determinate, by what Emerson Royal now carries on his shoulders a big responsibility.

9- His idol, Cafú

Emerson Royal sees reflected in which it went twice champion of the world with The Canarinha. A legendary right side of big path and list of winners in the world of the football that was included in the Dream Team Ballon d'Or the past December.

10- Still it does not debut with Brazil

Although it was called by the selection of Brazil to contest a pair of friendly, Emerson still has not premièred officially with the yellow T-shirt. Although, the new player of the FC Barcelona is concentrated with Brazil to contest the Glass America 2021.

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