Vinicius Jr Celebrates a goal with the Flamengo

A signing of 61 million euros

The Real Madrid announces officially the signing of Vinicius

Published:23/05/2017 - 18:29h

Updated:24/05/2017 - 17:40h

The Real Madrid has done official the signing of Vinicius Júnior this Tuesday. The merengues do with the player of the Flamengo that still has not contested any party like titling in the first Brazilian team. Already it has agreed even his incorporation

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"The Real Madrid C. F. And the Clube of Boat races do Flamengo have agreed the transfer of the federative rights of the player Vinicius Junior from July of 2018. The player will remain in his current club until July of 2019, although it will be able to play before in the Real Madrid if they agree it both clubs", exposed the white group this Tuesday in an official communiqué in this regard.

It does days the ex president of the Flamengo Kléber Leite already gave by closed the signing of Vinicius Jr by the Real Madrid, that will pay at all more and at all less than 45 million euros by the traspaso to the Brazilian club. Everything in an operation that will finish costing 61 "kilos" by the "bonus" for the player and his representative.

"As I already ran a lot behind the news, surprise me with some things that read, see and hear. For example, some that affirm that Vinicius Júnior has renewed his agreement and that now is more near of the Real Madrid. Friends, Vinicius Júnior is not more near of the Real Madrid. Already it is in the Real Madrid", has written in his blog the ex president of the Brazilian club.

"It is not casual that the clause of rescission for a foreign team have happened of 30 to 45 million euros. Curiously, the same value that the Real Madrid will pay to the Flamengo in terms that begin now, and will finish when the player incorporate to the team", has continued.

Vinicius, a risky signing for the Real Madrid

"The Madrid will finish to pay terms when the player go. This can occur next year, if Vinicius is playing in the Brazilian selection, in January of 2019 or, the most likely, in July of 2019. And, point!", it has resolved.

To his 16 years, Vinicius Jr was being gone on down other big clubs of Europe like the FC Barcelona, but to so early age is not at all clear that can finish triumphing as big star of here to a time. The operation of the Real Madrid... Risky.

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