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Devices more popular for video games in Chile

Published:16/04/2024 - 11:35h

Updated:16/04/2024 - 11:36h

With a thorough analysis and in quite a lot of detail, these are the devices and consoles that the Chileans prefer to the moment to play to the video games

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In the current world, are many the people that certainly decant by the video games. Something that was inaudito years backwards, in where the industry saw like something childish that did him lose the time to the people. But with the step of the years, has turned into something that has greater acceptance, especially because it also offers put of work and included record and have a live transmission can generate income. Something very similar to the casinos on line, in where the tragamonedas in Chile are causing furor in the houses of bets that find legal operating in the territory.

Now well, it is moment to know which are the consoles and devices that prefer the Chileans. Of course, it will have to all a bit, so it will be very interesting what will come to continuation.

The devices of favourite video games of the Chileans

Without place to doubts, there are a few devices that prefer the Chileans above many others. So, without greater preambles, here is the most stood out.

PC or Computer

Already this is the standard that handles in this part of the world. Many of the gamers Latin American prefer one thousand times have a computer gamer that have all the requests for the majority of his favourite games. In fact, many do not use control of control or joystick, but rather the keyboard and the mouse to the moment to amuse .

And if, it is true that it can be something costly in reality, but the truth is that many prefer it by the fact to want to invest rather in a Ram or a new hard disk that in a console that in five years or until less can remain obsolete. The public in Latin America is much more conscious regarding economy and administer, clearly Chile did not go to be the exception to the rule.

Intelligent telephones

Thanks to these devices, already have the operating system Android or IOS, a lot of people in Chile can enjoy of his favourite games without problems. Of course, we speak of activities in mobile versions that perhaps do not have the characteristics of what himself can observe in PC or consoles. But that go to offer big quality and can happen the time practically in any place. It can that yes, some of them require connection to internet, but some really do not need it. Already this goes to depend entirely of the requirements of the owner of the device and what decide to do with this.

Xbox Series S

The console of the company of Microsoft certainly has thought in the people that perhaps wish a console a bit less powerful and that can adapt no only to the needs of the pocket but also the technological. It is thus that when we speak of Chile, it is necessary to mention to Xbox Series S, the small brother of what would be the Xbox Series X.

With his exit to the market to finals of November of 2020, the series S certainly is more profitable economically by diverse factors. Between them, that has an a lot lower storage to the series X. In addition to this, his resolution in the screen is lower. So for those people that do not have a television 4K is a perfect alternative. And by the reasons that already have mentioned previously, this explains the why is one of the devices preferred for the video games between the Chilean public.

Playstation 5

In definite, is the console or the costliest device of the list, but that does not leave to have popularity for that. The mark Playstation of Sony has a pile of advantages and disadvantages that the gamers Chilean know very well, but that to weigh that some negative things can go out to the light, does not matter them in the absolute thanks to the quality without discussion of the device.

Between the points of rigour, is that they handle exclusive titles that do not go to find in other sides. Claro is, it is necessary to signal to Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Moral and God of War Ragnarok, since both franchises have turned into referents for the device of Sony and the community gamer in general. In addition to this, the interface sees much better that what could notice with the Playstation 4, what does the much more fast and suitable navigation.

Claro is, if there is something in what it goes to have a big negative point is his cost. No all the Chilean public that decants by the video games will have the opportunity to buy it, with everything and the fact that already is in the market from finals of 2020. Equally, Xbox like such if it wins him in some services with the Game Pass, something in what Playstation without place to doubts remains very backwards.

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