That the Superliga European see the light in a near future seems, to day of today, an utopia. In spite of the presentation of the new project and format, that has been very striking for the fans, the clubs founders have remained unanchored. To day of today, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the only that are in the list of clubs that support the competition... And the stage does not seem that it will change in the short term.

The Juventus was the only that kept in the ship, but the history has changed drastically with his return, already confirmed, to the Association of European Clubs (ECA). It confirmed it Nasser To the-Khelaïfi this Saturday: "After having had several meetings recently with his directors and owners, pleases me inform them that the Juventus has requested to go back to join to the ECA, that will formalise in brief. The doors of the ECA always are opened for the clubs that believe in the collective interests, the progressive reforms and the constructive work with all the parts interested. We are delighted that the Juventus reincorpore to the family of the European football".

Like this then , Barça and Madrid remain without allies. Of the 12 clubs that presented in the beginning of the project, only remain the two 'giant' of the Spanish football. They were 'leaving' paulatinamente Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic of Madrid, Inter of Milan, Milan and the Juventus, the last that has abandoned the ship.

Hard hit to the Superliga European

The news arrives very shortly after that confirmed the resolution of the Court of the Mercantile number 17 of Madrid in which they give the reason to the to competition contrived by Florentino Pérez that so much the FIFA like the UEFA abuse of power in his condition of maximum organisms of the world-wide football and European.

The failure urges them to that cease " in the behaviours anticompetitivas sanctioned and forbid them his future reiteration, in addition to condemning them to stir up immediately all the effects of the performances anticompetitivas that have produced before or during the length of this procedure, that began on 18 April 2021 when ESLC announced the set up of a project of new competition of professional football, called Superliga, and exercised actions in matter of defence of the competition in front of the answer of the quoted institutions".