Kylian Mbappé en la concentración de la selección francesa previo a la Eurocopa 2024


Mbappé, the key piece for a historic forward or a 'bomb' in the Real Madrid locker room?

Published:3/06/2024 - 21:49h

Updated:4/06/2024 - 02:02h

The arrival of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid, well managed, can become a historic signing. However, despite the excitement over hiring a player of this caliber, a series of questions arise about how this addition will affect the merengue locker room, both in positive and negative aspects

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It finished the 'serial'. Finally, it confirmed that Kylian Mbappé will be the new incorporation 'galactic' of the Real Madrid for this season 2024/25 in some contractual links that, in principle, will extend until the 2029. This perhaps was one of the most strategic movements that have done some club in the history, so much by the sportive impact that presages will have the addition of a player 'top' to world-wide level to the payroll merengue, as by the big movement that represents to economic level the incorporation of a stellar footballer in condition of free agent. Many catalog it like a 'masterclass' of Florentino Pérez.

However, between the emotion that involves to have one of the best of the world in his staff, suits to do an exercise of reflection about how could fit 'Donatello' in a changing room merengue full of stellar names. Besides, how it would adapt to a tactical approach that already has stars in his offensive section and that now will confront a restructuring that will suppose a 'beautiful problem' for the trainer Carlo Ancelotti.

Mbappé Will have to share the label of star of the team

In this sense, it is necessary to begin commenting the fact perhaps more striking of this situation. The one of Bondy carries already a time accustomed to be the maximum referent of his team, since in Paris Saint-Germain, although there was a moment in which the combined Parisian had Neymar Jr. And Leo Messi in his front of attack, the reality is that any snatched him the 'scepter' of absolute star of the plantel French neither the deal of the that enjoyed like such.

Now, in his arrival to the picture of Chamartín, although anybody removes him the recognition of player 'top', does not leave to be true that will join to a cast where already there is two big stars: Vinicius Jr. And Jude Bellingham, those who are men determinants and have won the status of 'consented' and references incontestables in the changing room. Then, how it could affect the arrival of a stellar player like the '10' of 'Them Bleus', the one who surely comes with the intention to do cost his status like star in a changing room that already has varied 'cracks'?, there will be a fight of egos?, it will affect him to Mbappé the fact of not being the absolute star of the team? It is a complex subject to manage and 'Carletto' will have to look for from this time on the form to manage it.

Ancelotti Will have to meditar who will be his left extreme between 'Donatello' and 'Vini Jr.'

Now, another appearance to take into account is the subject of the tactical positioning and the possible 'crashes' that they can arise. In this course, the trainer of Reggiolo bet in his majority by a 4-3-1-2, looking for take advantage of the paper of Jude Bellingham like mediapunta. However, it would be necessary to value if the arrival of Kylian Mbappé involves that Ancelotti have to go back to his classical 4-3-3 to give him gone in to 'Donatello'; nevertheless, this could pose a new interrogante: to who will choose the Italian to play like left extreme?

This interrogante goes back even more notable, since the now exjugador of the PSG has showed that his main zone of action is like extreme by the left-handed band, where with his started explosive and big one against one is used to to cause a lot of damage and direct easily to the arch. However, when 'Carletto' played with the 4-3-3 in the picture merengue, his election to occupy this position was 'Vini Jr.', since the one of Sãor Gonçalo has showed to be determinant by the left band, with a dribbling and a desparpajo big in the one against for rebasar to the contrary.

Will have the 'Turtle' that play as '9'?

Of course, Ancelotti also could consider that the 'Turtle' knows to play as leading centre, by what could be an option. Nevertheless, the French has showed in more than an opportunity that does not feel of the all comfortable being '9', what will force to the technical director Italian to look for how fit his forward. If it bets by his trident, under this stage no descarta that the leading was formed by Vini Jr. - Mbappé - Rodrygo, leaving to Jude like midfield player more advanced and with freedom of movement. This would open the door to a dispute in the central zone of the field, where also are names like Fede Valverde, Aurélien Tchouaméni and Eduardo Camavinga.

Now well, what sucedería if 'Carletto' decides to keep the diagram 4-3-1-2 of this season? In this case, the affected could be Rodrygo, a situation that could not being very received by the player of Osasco, whose future in the club has been questioned lately. The '11' could be the player relieved of his functions, since the pair of attack would be composed by Vinicius and Mbappé, with Bellingham like mediapunta. Completing the central zone of the field would be Fede Valverde, Tchouaméni and Camavinga, leaving little space for the exjugador of the Saints in his tactical approach and positioning it in a role of revulsivo.

The impact to economic level of the arrival of Mbappé to the Real Madrid

To close, there is a no lower detail in the arrival of Kylian Mbappé. Although it does not produce a traspaso in yes, since it arrives like free agent, automatically will turn into the better player paid of the staff merengue. According to the proportionate information by 'ACE', the wage of the Frenchman will be of 15 'kilos' net by season, surpassing like this to 'Vini Jr.' (12 M€) and Jude Bellingham (11 M€) in this appearance.

Likewise, it has commented by means of several sources that the Real Madrid would be paying a premium of signing of 100 M€, that will distribute along five years. This means that the picture of Chamartín would be disbursing a total of 35 M€ by 'Donatello', in addition to what the club leaves to perceive by the rights of image of the player. In this sense, the 'Turtle' will keep 80% of his rights of image, whereas the combined white will remain with 20% remaining. they are speaking Of figures really impressive for a player that knows that it deserves them, but will be interesting to see if it attains to justify them in his new stage as 'vikingo'.

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