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Calendar FC Barcelona 2019-2020

Published:13/05/2019 - 04:46h

Updated:5/06/2019 - 17:50h

Calendar of the FC Barcelona for the season 2019-2020. Dates and schedules of all the parties that plays the Barça in the Rakuten Cup, Gamper, Supercopa of Spain, Champions League, LaLiga Santander and Glass of Rey. Next party: FC Barcelona-Chelsea

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This is the calendar of the FC Barcelona for the season 2019-2020 in Pre-season (Rakuten Cup and Gamper), Champions League, LaLiga Santander and Glass of Rey. It knows the rivals, the dates and the schedules of all the parties of the Barcelona team.

After the dispute of the final of the Glass of the King in front of Valencia, now the next party of the Barça will be in the Saitama Stadium against Chelsea, in the Rakuten Cup 2019.

Next party: Barcelona against Chelsea (Rakuten Cup 2019). The next party of the Barça plays in the Saitama Stadium, the Tuesday 23 July. The meeting corresponds to the Rakuten Cup 2019.

Last party: FC Barcelona 1-2 FC Barcelona (Final Glass of Rey).

To continuation, review the dates and the definite schedules of all the parties of the Football Club Barcelona:

Parties of the FC Barcelona in July of 2019

Party Hour Ticket

FC Barcelona vs Chelsea

Rakuten Cup 2019

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Saitama Stadium 2002

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FC Barcelona vs Vissel Kobe

Rakuten Cup 2019

Saturday 27 July 2019

Noevir Stadium Kobe

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Pre-season 2019

After the last day of LaLiga in front of the Eibar and the final of Glass of the King against Valencia, the players will have of a brief period on holiday, before putting of full in the preparation of the next campaign. The pre-season 2019-20 of the Barcelona would have suffered some modifications, and after the elimination of the Champions will move away slightly of the initial plan. Although the intention was to make one turns by Japan and China, now the second of these countries could remain descartado, if it is that finally there is not agreement in the weeks to come.

The culés would assist equally to the Rakuten Cup, a competition estival under the supervision of one of his sponsors and in which they will measure to Chelsea (23 July in Saitama) and to the Vissel Kobe (27 July in Kobe), what will suppose the reunion with Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Sergi Samper, that have gone landing in the Japanese group in the last months.

* Once we have official confirmation, this news will be updated with the dates and the schedules of each party.

Parties of the FC Barcelona: Season 2018-2019

After reinforcing to consciousness in the market of signings, the Football Club Barcelona faced the new course with a lot of novelties and the greater expectations regarding titles and good game refers . The presence in the team culé of the best player of the world, Leo Messi, in addition to Luis Suárez, Coutinho, or Dembélé, between other big stars, guaranteeed an only and incomparable show for all the fans to the football. Finally, the Barcelona won the League and fell in the final of Glass and in semis of Champions.

LaLiga Santander 2018-2019

After the dispute of the 38 days of LaLiga Santander the FC Barcelona is Champion with 87 points, with 26 victories, 9 ties and 3 defeats.

The Barcelona team has lost against Celtic (2-0, day 36), Real Betis (3-4, day 12) and Leganés (2-1, day 6).

It has empatado against the Athletic (1-1, day 7), Girona (2-2, day 5)), Valencia (1-1, day 8), Athletic Madrid (1-1, day 13), Valencia (2-2, day 22), Athletic of Bilbao (0-0, day 23) and Villarreal (4-4, day 30), Huesca (0-0, day 32) and Eibar (2-2, day 38).

And it has imposed to the Espanyol (0-4, day 15), Villarreal (2-0, day 14), Ray (2-3, day 11), Real Madrid (5-1, day 10), Seville (4-2, day 9), Real Sociedad (1-2, day 4), Huesca (8-2, day 3), Valladolid (0-1, day 2), Sportive Alavés (3-0, day 1), Raise (0-5, day 16), Celtic of Vigo (2-0, day 17), Getafe (1-2, day 18), Eibar (3-0, day 19), Leganés (3-1, day 20), Girona (0-2, day 21), Valladolid (1-0, day 24), Seville (2-4, day 25), Real Madrid (0-1, day 26), Ray Vallecano (3-1, day 27), Betis (1-4, day 28), RCD Espanyol (2-0, day 29), Athletic of Madrid (2-0, day 31), Real Spcoedad (2-1, day 33), Sportive Alavés (0-2, day 34) and Raise (1-0, day 35) and Getafe (2-0, day 37). In these moments the Barcelona is champion and occupies the first position of the classification of First Division.

We remember that the start of LaLiga took place the weekend of the 18-19 August and the ending is foreseen for the weekend of the 18-19 May 2019. Regarding the Classical against the Real Madrid, the first party played in the Camp Nou the Sunday 28 October and finished with goleada of the Barcelona team (5-1). The second played in the Santiango Bernabéu on 3 March 2019 and finished 0-1 in favour of the Barça.

Another important data of the present edition of the LaLiga Santander is that there will be three days intersemanales the days 25-26-27 September, 2-3 April and 23-24 April, whereas besides the football will stop by parties of selections the weekends of the 8-9 September, 13-14 October, 17-18 November, 23-24 March, and by Christmas of 22 December until the 6-7 January.

Champions League 2018-2019

The Tuesday 18 September started a new edition of the UEFA Champions League. The 32 better teams of Europe struggled for being in the big final, that will play in the Stadium Wanda Metropolitan of Madrid on 1 June 2019.

The FC Barcelona said goodbye to the final after falling goleado in Liverpool by 4-0. The ones of Valverde tenian foot and half in the final after winning to the Liverpool by 3 to 0 in the gone of semifinals contested in the Camp Nou. It classified for semis after deleting to the Manchester United in the round of quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2018-19. 0-1 in favour of the Barça and Old Trafford and 3-0 in the Camp Nou, also in favour of the BarçaThe Barcelona classified after deleting to the Olympique of Lyon in the round of eighth by a global of 5-1.

The FC Barcelona classified for 1/8 of final of the Champions League 2018-19 of way inmejorable: Inter Milan (1-1 and 2-0 in favour of the Barça), PSV Eindhoven (4-0 and 1-2 in favour of the Barça) and Tottenham (2-4 in favour of the Barça and 1-1 in the Camp Nou). The Barcelona are first of the group B with 14 points and already is mathematically classified for the round of eighth of final.

To continuation, review the calendar with the dates of all the parties and draws of the League of Champions of the UEFA 2018-2019.

The first date to stand out is the Thursday 30 August with the expected draw of the phase of groups of the Champions League, where have remained matched the 32 better groups of the continent divided in 8 groups of four teams each one (Group To, B, C, D, And, F, G and H). In the draw participate 32 clubs, 26 of which are classified directly, whereas the six remaining arrive from the play-offs.

The first day of the liguilla of the phase of groups of the Champions League contests the 18-19 September, the second the 2-3 October, the third the 23-24 October, the fourth the 6-7 November, the fifth the 27-28 November and the sixth and last the days 11-12 December.

The Monday 17 December, in Nyon (Switzerland), will take place the draw of eighth of final of the Champions League 2018-2019. The draw will match to the 16 teams classified in 8 eliminatory to double party. The second phase of the Champions, the one of eighth of final, contests the days 12-13 February, split of gone, and the days 5-6 March, split of turn.

The Friday 15 March, also in Nyon (Switzerland), will take place the draw of quarter-finals of the Champions League 2018-2019. The draw will match to the 8 teams classified in 4 eliminatory to double party. The quarter-finals of the League of Champions play the days 9-10 April 2019, split of gone, and 16-17 April, split of turn.

Also the Friday 15 March will take place the draw of semifinals and final of the UEFA Champions League 2018-2019. The draw will match to the 4 teams classified in 2 eliminatory to double party. The winners of the two eliminatory will classify for the big Final of the Champions. The semifinal plays the days 30 April and 1 May, split of gone, and 7-8 May, split of turn.

The big Final of the Champions League 2018-2019 plays the Saturday 1 June 2019 in the Stadium Wanda Metroplitano of Madrid..

Glass of the King 2018-2019

32 teams struggled this season for heaving with the Glass of Rey, the eliminatory, to gone and turn, contested from the month of December until the final to only party, on 25 May 2019. The dates chosen to contest the rounds of dieciseisavos, eighth of final, quarter-finals and semifinals can consult them here.

FC Barcelona and Valencia played the Final of the Glass of the King 2019 in the stadium Benito Villamarín the Saturday 25 May, the Valencian team finished imposing by 1-2 and left to the Barça without doublet.

In semifinals of the Glass of Rey, the FC Barcelona confronted to the Real Madrid. In the gone of the Classical of LaCopa, contested in the Camp Nou, tie 1-1. In the turn, played in the stadium Santiago Bernabéu, victory of the Barça 0-3 that will play the final.

The FC Barcelona classified for semifinals of the Glass after deleting to the Seville in the round of quarter-finals of LaCopa. In the gone contested in the Sánchez-Pizjuán, victory of the hispalenses by 2-0. In the turn, in the Camp Nou, 6-1 in favour of the Barça.

The culés arrived to chambers after deleting to the Raise in 1/8 by a global of (4-2). In the gone victory for the Raise (2-1), and in the turn traced back of the Barça in the Camp Nou (3-0).

We remember that in 1/16 of final the FC Barcelona remained matched with the Cultural Leonese. The Barcelona won by the minimum (0-1) in the party of gone contested in the Stadium Reign of Léon and sealed the pass to eighth goleando in the Camp Nou (4-1). 

Supercopa Of Spain 2018

The Football Club Barcelona and the Seville contested the first official title of the season 2018-2019: the Supercopa of Spain. The new course started on 12 August in style, enfentando to only party to the valid champion of LaLiga Santander and the Glass of Rey, the Barça, against the finalist of the Glass, the Seville. In the final contested in the Stadium of Tangier (Morocco), the team of Ernesto Valverde proclaimed champion after winning 2-1.

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