Griezmann Annotated the goals of the pass to semifinals for the Athletic


Griezmann And the referee delete to the worst Barça of the Champions (2-0)

Published:13/04/2016 - 22:35h

Updated:13/04/2016 - 22:37h

The Barcelona, very innocent backwards and little effective in attack, starred one of the worst parties of the course in front of the Athletic in the Calderón. Griezmann Marked in the first part and sentenced in the second after a clear penalti of Iniesta

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Vicente Calderón turned into an authentic pot to pressure to receive to the FC Barcelona, this Wednesday, in the turn of the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2015-16, with a splendid answer by part of the fans of the Athletic of Madrid to support to his team in the sanctuary rojiblanco and try, of this form, presionar to a Barça that arrived to the meeting with a 2-1 favourable of the Camp Nou. Luis Enrique, conscious of the transcendence of the meeting, decided to plant to the eleven of gala for the important events on the lawn, with Luis Suárez rested to the have not played the past Saturday against the Real Sociedad in League BBVA by accumulation of cards. The Barça, in this sense, began very put in the duel and limiting to keep the possession of balloon to start with to mark territory, although the first clear opportunity of danger would be of the Athletic of Madrid. Gabi Found with a refuse of the Barcelona defence in the interior of the area, but his powerful shot left very above the goal of Marc-André Ter Stegen.

So only a minute afterwards, the ones of the "Cholo" Simeone went back to show that they were decided to try the traced back. Yannick Carrasco, from out of the area, effected a shot with thread that went to stop directly to the hands of the German goalkeeper of the FC Barcelona, without causing greater danger but enervating even more the pressure of the public of the Calderón. The Barcelona was pitado constantly when had the balloon and tried to surpass the barrier of pressure of the Athletic in the zone of three chambers of field, but the true is that it attained to keep the control of the game -in spite of the two local occasions- without too many problems during the first minutes of party. The possessions culés were barren, whereas the Athletic did much more damage to the counterattack, approaching continuously to put it of a Ter Stegen very sobrio, cutting across in the minute 6 a tame head butt of Griezmann. Busquets saw forced to abandon his zone and incrustarse between the two head offices to give exit to the balloon played from backwards, and every time that a player of the Barça received, was used to to have near to two or three rivals.

The occasions has them the Athletic of Madrid

The FC Barcelona did not want to risk and looked for so only the lines of safe pass, without that the trident formed by Neymar, Messi and Suárez participated too much during the first chamber of hour of meeting. The Athletic, in the meantime, presionaba and pursued shadows, but did not attain to distort a gear of game, the Barcelona, increasingly greased and with the step of the minutes something deeper, in search of the goal of Jan Oblak. The terrain of game was slippery and several Barcelona players went to the floor in diverse actions, with Neymar Jr going to the band to change the boots to solve his problems of stability. The script followed the planned course and the Athletic of Madrid, launched to the pressure of balloon, looked for without anxiety some clear opportunity with which put of face the eliminatory, although expecting backwards to the Barça not to leave spaces to the "MSN". The Barça had a lot of problems to surpass the pressure of the group rojiblanco but, in spite of this, kept the possession in own field, without that they had opportunities of remarkable goal from the minute 10 until the 25 of the first-half.

The most dangerous approach of the Barcelona until then was a corner caused in the minute 26 and bounced by Neymar, that Jan Oblak trapped without problems. With the meeting more than equalised, the tactical duel of the two teams caused that any of the two wanted to risk too much in his strategy: the Barça without finding depth between lines, and the Athletic being more direct that never not to fall in the cobweb of Barcelona pressure after loss of balloon. In the minute 28, fortunately for the interests culés, Nicola Rizzoli did not hammer in a fall of Carrasco and Hammered in the interior of the area of Ter Stegen, with all the terracing of the Calderón demanding a penalti non-existent, as the central culé took out the balloon of clean way. Further of this, the referee neither penalised with yellow cards some hard entrances of the players of the Athletic, and this put increasingly nervous to Suárez, Neymar and Messi, "victims" of the intensity colchonera.

Griezmann empata The eliminatory and gives advantage to the Athletic

Messi every time enchufaba more in the party and had of more balloons in the zone of three chambers, but the defence of the Athletic closed well to the hour to cover spaces and did not allow that it generated clear opportunities of goal, neither for him neither for his mates. This yes, in the minute 33 caused a fault to the edge of the area of Jan Oblak dangerous for the local goal, although the shot of the Argentinian left slightly above the crossbar. The marker did not move until the moment, but any of the two teams fell in the nervousness and the players seemed calmer that his trainers, Luis Enrique and Simeone, giving indications continuously in the band. In the minute 35 of party, nevertheless, the Athletic found the balsam of the first goal of the party. An excellent centre of Saúl from the right band was cabeceado by Antoine Griezmann point-blank, inalcanzable for Ter Stegen and with Dani Alves and Gerard Hammered despistándose in the mark. 

1-0 in the marker, and this result classified to the Athletic of Madrid for the semifinals of UEFA Champions League, leaving was to the FC Barcelona. The culés, something apathetic and following the same negative dynamics that in the last meetings, did not achieve to deepen in the field of the rival and the ones of Simeone, very grown, went even more up, in search of the second goal of the party. Ready to finish the first-half, the Barcelona needed more than ever that the Three Tenors, Messi, Neymar and Suárez, enchufaran and marked a so much that went back to put advantage for the Barcelona. But the reaction of the Barça did not arrive, with Dani Alves signing surely one of the worst parties of the season. In the minute 41, Neymar Jr tested fortune from out of the area with a shot with thread that the espigado Oblak trapped, whereas two minutes afterwards Carrasco gave the reply from out of the area, with Ter Stegen blocando in two times. Like this the things, the meeting arrived to the half part with faces of worry in the players of the Barça. And it was not for less. It remained the second more important half of all the course.

Confusion in a Barça to the edge of the abyss

In the second half, the men of Luis Enrique went out more decided to look for the goal of the Athletic of Madrid, but the ones of the "Cholo" Simeone followed showing very strong backwards, organising a defensive wall infranqueable for the FC Barcelona. Dani Alves Tested fortune from out of the area in the minute 48, but the shot left to the fourth gradería, can that going out even of Vicente Calderón. The case is that the Barcelona did not find the depth and necessary brilliance between lines for desequilibrar to the Athletic of Madrid, and gave the feeling that the colchoneros were more near of the second goal that the Barça of the first. Griezmann, Carrasco and Saúl went back to do of his in attack and caused an exit in false of Ter Stegen, with Gerard Hammered cutting a pass of the death that to arrive to his aim would have produced the second so much for the rojiblancos. The Barça did not connect , and the minutes followed happening in the Spanish capital.

In the minute 52, a new confined of the Athletic went back to be repelled in the penalty spot by Gerard Hammered, in a played that finish in corner, with the Calderón roaring again. The Athletic looked for the goal of the sentence, and a finish of head with parabola of Saúl was a new warning for the goal of Ter Stegen, as it stamped in the crossbar. The ones of Luis Enrique were "grogui" and to the edge of the elimination in UEFA Champions League, for despair of the 1.400 fans culés that witnessed the party in the Calderón. They did not have cracks in the defensive device of the Athletic, and the Barça was playing probably one of the worst parties of the season, to the equal that does some days in Anoeta against the Real Sociedad. The colchoneros did not have any doubt of where was the goal of the Barça, but the culés yes had problems at least to approach .

Griezmann Sentences of penalti, but Rizzoli deletes of the Champions to the Barça

In the minute 57, Messi collected a dead balloon to the edge of the rival area and shot, but the shot crashed in a defender and left to corner. A minute afterwards, the Athletic of Madrid saved a practically sung goal of the FC Barcelona, with a good played collective that finished in a centre raso of Jordi Alba that by a peel did not finish Gerard Hammered. The Barcelona had connected suddenly and Gabi had been providencial to the hour to save the goal of the Barcelona head office, taking out a balloon importantísimo for the Athletic. To fault of half hour for the end of the eliminatory, the Barça followed looking for the goal and every time shut more to the rojiblancos. This, however, comported a risk: Griezmann, to the counterattack, gave a new fright to the ones of Luis Enrique with a shot raso and powerful that, fortunately, trapped Ter Stegen. The eliminatory was in the beautiful and increasingly beautiful. Jordi Alba tested luck from out of the area, but the shot was repelled by the athletic defence, to the time that Simeone motivated with the arms to the terracing from the bench. In the minute 63, went Andrés Iniesta the one who shot, although the shot was too soft as to upset to Oblak.

Luis Enrique decided to move the bench, and in the minute 64 gave gone in of hit to Sergi Roberto and Burn Turan, taking out of the party to Alves and Rakitic. Burn Turan carried a tremenda pitada in Vicente Calderón, and shortly after, in a new played of attack culé, Luis Suárez won the position to the edge of the area, turned and shot with the leading, cutting across however Oblak the spherical. Two minutes later Suárez went back to have it, but was too much very marked by Godín to the hour to finish an aerial centre of Burn Turan, with the balloon finish again in the hands of Oblak. They remained hardly twenty minutes for the end of the meeting, and the Barça followed without finding the goal. The party, to fault of a chamber of hour, played nevertheless continuously in the field of the Athletic, with the spherical lasting him very little to the rojiblancos.

The ones of the "Cholo" took advantage of any situation for arañar minutes to the time and leave happen the time, increasing of this form the Barcelona anxiety. To fault of five minutes for the end, the Barça besieged the goal of the Athletic, but the picture rojiblanco defended with nails and teeth. In a counterattack, however, a confined of Filipe Luis finish in penalti clear of Iniesta by hand. Griezmann Was the attendant to kick it, and transformed it in the minute 88. It was the definite sentence for a Barça unrecognizable from the stop of selections. The miracle of the goal to force the extention did not arrive, but largely by fault of the referee Rizzoli, that no pitó a very clear penalti by hands of Godín in the interior of the area of the Athletic, understanding that the hands had been was. To the Barça, deleted of the Champions, already only remains him struggle by the League.

Technical index card of the party: Athletic 2-0 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 0: Ter Stegen; Alves (Sergi Roberto, 64'), Hammered, Mascherano, Alba; Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic (Burn Turan, 64'); Messi, Neymar and Suárez.

Athletic, 2: Oblak; Juanfran, Godín, Lucas, Filipe Luis; Gabi, Augusto, Saúl; Koke, Carrasco (Thomas, 73') and Griezmann (Correa, 90').

Goals of the party: Griezmann, 35'; Griezmann, 88'.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli.

Incidences: corresponding Party to the turn of 1/4 of Champions League, contested in Vicente Calderón.

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