The Rome does not split like favourite in the Champions League


"It did not seat well that in Barcelona say that we do not have options"

Published:3/04/2018 - 00:53h

Updated:3/04/2018 - 00:53h

The FC Barcelona splits like favourite in front of the ACE Rome, that looks forward to to give the chime against the Barcelona. However, in the Italian capital has not seated well that the Barça seats so favourite. Like this it corroborates it Monchi

Calendar of FC Barcelona

All the teams are dangerous and the Rome does not go to be a rival that leave bend easily in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The Italian team also has resources to hurt him to the FC Barcelona that that, in spite of being favourite, will not be able to trust if it wants to be present in semifinals. Monchi, sportive director of the Rome, went back to analyse the eliminatory in an interview for Ace.

Monchi Signalled that in Rome has not seated at all well that in Barcelona see to the FC Barcelona like a so favourite team. "Well, what says well, does not seat you. Besides, I have seen comments based in the ignorance but prefer to isolate me of this and try centre me in doing him see to our people the options that have", said.

In spite of that recognised that the FC Barcelona splits like favourite, said that the Rome will struggle with everything to be in semifinals. "Obviously, to level porcentual the Barça is very favourite. But they liked me the statements of Montella after the draw Seville-Bayern. It said: 'If there is a one percent of options, will struggle'", signalled.

The sportive director of the Rome also stood out the big ambition that there is in his club. "Rome is hambrienta of titles. There is a special illusion and an extra motivation by this eliminatory. There is something that likes me say after eleven months here and is that the Rome needs to equalise his level of structure to the level that has of repercussion. Create me, is very high", indicated.

Leo Messi, a threat

Monchi Also commented what supposes to confront to Leo Messi, that is in a state of exceptional form: "The quality of Messi does not have borders. Players like him approach distances. Recently it read him that each day finds better achieve same and this is not casualidad but fruit of his greatness to go improving his individual performance and the one of his team each day".

The life of Monchi in Rome

The sportive director of the Italian group surprised when it was asked after if it was happy in Rome. "The one who knows me to me knows that I am little to say that I am happy. The complete happiness few times have had it. Here, in Rome, obviously can not have the complete happiness because my family is not here. And if to sportive level do not win, neither can be happy. Yes I am happy to professional level, think that am growing to professional level. But clear, this it is necessary to settle it with a sportive success", sentenced.

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