The fc barcelona swept of the map to the blunt by inertia futbolística

Messi and Suárez, emperors of the Barça in front of a Rome without gladiators (6-1)

Messi and Suárez, emperors of the Barça in front of a Rome without gladiators (6-1)

Published:25/11/2015 - 09:11h


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The FC Barcelona swept of the map to the Rome from the first minute, thanks to the magic of the trident and to a performance that desmembró by inertia to the Italians. The trident, with Luis Suárez and Leo Messi like protagonists, starred a rondo giant during all the party

FC Barcelona 6-1 ACE Rome - Video summary and goals of the party
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Almost two months afterwards, Leo Messi went back to be title this Tuesday against the Rome in the Camp Nou, after the fantastic 35 minutes that cuajó in front of the Real Madrid in the Bernabéu, in an alignment again with the trident marvelling on the lawn. After the pitada initial to the hymn of the UEFA Champions League -something that is turning into tradition-, the balloon threw to film under the supervision of Cüneyt Çakir and the first minutes already left to glimpse the will of the Barça, always to the attack and controlling from the beginning the possession of balloon. The first approach culé would come thanks to a pass in depth of Gerard Hammered, that saw desmarcado to Leo Messi to the edge of the area. The Argentinian tried to connect with Neymar Jr in the left part of the area of Szczesny, but the judge of line pitó a just offside.

"The Flea" would go back to be leading a minute afterwards, in the 3 of the first part, winning an ovation by part of the public of the Camp Nou. Messi, receiving of backs and turning quickly, effected a powerful shot from out of the area that the guardameta Polish of the Rome had to divert to corner, the second in only three minutes of game in favour of the FC Barcelona. It was missing something of precision in the last go through part of the Barça, although the assistant went back to cancel a goal to the ones of Luis Enrique by offside, this even more just time that the previous.

The dynamism in the game of the FC Barcelona, thanks to an excellent handle of balloon from the room of machines through the boots of Sergio Busquets and Rakitic -main canalizadores of game-, allowed to the Barça have of occasions of goal one behind another. In the minute 9, the one of Badia saw again desmarcado to Leo Messi in career, although to the Argentinian was missing him something of spark to the hour to define and surpass to his mark, Manolas, starring a shot that left diverted to the right of Szczesny. The Barça went out so enchufado as in the last weeks and the Rome suffered the consequences, practically without having the balloon and defending with utmost difficulty in his own field.

The Barça marks and sentence in 5 minutes

This yes, the "giallorossi" would give a first fright to the FC Barcelona after the exit of a corner, in a played tested that would finish with a head butt of Dzeko that went out diverted above the goal of Ter Stegen. It would be a played totally isolated, because the FC Barcelona marked two minutes afterwards. The "magician" Neymar Jr assisted in the 14' to Dani Alves with a precise pass in depth so that the Brazilian side, that had incorporated for the first time to the attack, yielded a pass of the death to Luis Suárez so that the Uruguayan star only had to push it.

Enésimo Goal of Luis Suárez in the last weeks, confirming even more if it fits the fantastic moment of form in which it finds . The rhythm goleador of the FC Barcelona, however, did not leave neither breathe. In the minute 17 would be Leo Messi, thanks to a big pass in depth of Luis Suárez to the edge of the area, the one who would hammer the spherical above Szczesny to plant the second goal in the marker, marking after more than two months without playing. The Barça, without raising the accelerator, reflected in the marker the superiority that did him win the triplete the past season.

With a possession of 80% and a location of 56% in contrary field for the FC Barcelona, the party converted by moments -almost all the while- in a duel of professionals of elite against boys. The culés were always in a different dimension of the "giallorossi", controlling at all times the times and without seeing peligrar his goal.

Luis Suárez, maximum goleador of the Barça 2015-16

In fact, the Rome did not kick neither an alone time against the goal of Ter Stegen, in contrast direct with a Barça that relaxed after the second goal and limited to control the game with criterion and tranquility, looking by the periscope in search of the third goal but without any haste. It was of this form as it achieved, practically without doing at all, mark the third goal thanks to a work of art of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan stuck from out of the area a clear of Keita and, with a powerful volley, consecrated the ridiculous of the Italians. Like this, lost in half of a rondo giant, the players of the Rome left to the changing rooms with a lot in what reflexionar.

The second half began following the same tonic of the first, with a FC Barcelona dominador by with a Rome that seemed to go out with another spirit, braver and presionando up with the clear aim to reduce distances in the marker. This, however, propició that exposed even more defensivamente, giving even more spaces to a Barcelona that took advantage of it to have of more opportunities. In the minute 48, Leo Messi starred a shot from out of the area that Szczesny trapped without problems. The Barça continued playing as before, maturing each played, and a new shot, this time of Neymar Jr, would cause a new pulled of the Polish goalkeeper to divert the danger to corner in the minute 51.

Roman humiliation with Messi of emperor

The Rome, however, would retort five minutes afterwards, with a good played combinativa between Iturbe and Falque that would finish with a shot of the very diverted second to corner by Ter Stegen, with a big intervention that consolidated his good performance in the party. This would not prevent that the effervescence futbolística of the FC Barcelona, thanks to Leo Messi and to the big collective game of the team,  caused the fourth Barcelona goal. An excellent combination between four players culés finished with a pass of the death of Leo Messi in the interior of the small area to Gerard Hammered, the one who only had to push the balloon to mark before being substituted by Bartra.

The FC Barcelona did not give neither a break to the Rome, and in the minute 59 materialised a goleada of scandal. Another good played combinativa of the FC Barcelona, with a shot from out of the area of Luis Suárez that Leo Messi diverted in the last moment, served so that the Argentinian annotated the fifth of the Barça in two times, after the refuse initial of Szczesny. The public of the Camp Nou did the wave and protested the hard back entrances of the Rome, desquiciada on the lawn. The show of the FC Barcelona, however, did not descend in rhythm.

Ter Stegen, a hero more for the Barça

Neymar Jr, in the minute 70, starred orn shot with thread that by very little drilled the goal of the Rome, after a played full of filigrees of the Brazilian that finished with ovation by part of the fans of the Camp Nou. Seven minutes later, the same Neymar would cause a clear penalti pitado by Çakir. Leo Messi, leading of a "doublet", yielded him the balloon so that it kicked it, but the Brazilian took very little carrerilla and Szczesny guessed the side by which throw, diverting the balloon. The refuse, however, finish in the feet of Adriano that it took advantage of it for fusilar to the Polish goalkeeper and plant the sixth in the marker.

In spite of the goleada and all the good news for the Barça, the party still would have space for another hero: Marc-André Ter Stegen. The guardameta German stopped a penalti to Edin Dzeko, very doubtful. The young goalkeeper germano guessed the side by which shot the forward bosnio and diverted the path of the balloon, in a penalti that Çakir signalled after the own Dzeko bumped against Thomas Vermaelen in the interior of the Barcelona area, in a played more than doubtful. The bosnio, however, yes would mark in the last minute of party, of head, in a played isolated with centre from the band of Juan Iturbe. Like this it would finish the party. With a goleada that confirms the celestial state of form of the FC Barcelona.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 6-1 ACE Rome

FC Barcelona, 6: Ter Stegen; Alves, Hammered (Bartra, 56'), Vermaelen, Jordi Alba; Rakitic, Busquets (Samper, 45'), Sergi Roberto; Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar Jr.
Rome, 1: Szczesny; Maicon (Vainqueur, 57'), Manolas, Rudiger, Digne; Pjanic (Uçan, 74'), Keita, Nainggolan (Iturbe, 45'); Florenzi, Dzeko and Falque.

Goals of the party: Luis Suárez, 15'; Leo Messi, 18'; Luis Suárez, 44, Gerard Hammered, 55'; Leo Messi, 59'; Adriano, 76'; Edin Dzeko, 90'.
Referee: Cüneyt Çakir.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the fifth day of the phase of groups of the UEFA Champions League 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou.

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