Messi arañó for the Barça an unimportant tie (1-1)

Messi arañó for the Barça an unimportant tie (1-1)

Published:9/12/2015 - 23:35h


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The FC Barcelona did not play at all and the competitive intensity of the ones of Luis Enrique like this showed it. The Bayer Leverkusen dominated and had of the majority of occasions of goal, but the germanos were not precise and the Barça only needed a chispazo of genialidad to mark

Bayer 1-1 FC Barcelona - Video summary and goals of the party
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The Bayer Leverkusen needed a victory to surpass to the Rome in the Group And of Champions League and that the Italians lost points in front of the BEATS to advance to the eighth of final of the competition, and the obligation to win noticed from the first minutes. The ones of Roger Schmidt, with the very advanced lines and an intense defensive pressure in the field of the FC Barcelona, stole some dangerous balloons to the edge of the Barcelona area and propiciaron the first fright for Ter Stegen when neither so at least had passed two minutes of the first part. The most lethal player of the picture germano, Hakan Çalhanoglu, was the one who tested luck from out of the area with a powerful shot that left diverted, in a clear statement of intentions.

The fast defensive pressure of the venues propició several losses of balloon and the granting of some that another corner by part of the FC Barcelona, calm to the not fearing by the result but with the will to go calming the game progressively to base of control of the game and possession of balloon. With a centre of the unpublished field with the presence of Kaptoum and Samper beside Rakitic, to the Barça cost him during the first minutes keep the possession of balloon, although it showed one of his more direct versions. Sabedor That the Bayer played with the very advanced lines, leaving a lot of spaces backwards, the culés tried to go out to the counterattack taking advantage of the speed of Kaptoum, Sandro, Munir and Leo Messi, that exerted of pivote in attack to filter the last pass.

The Barça shows his more direct version

In the minute 9, a big played by the left band of Kevin Kampl, that took advantage of of the defensive timidity of Samper to confine in the area of Ter Stegen, caused an unfit defensive that finished again with the balloon to corner. To the played following, Samper also would arrive late and would concede a dangerous fault in the vertex of the Barcelona area. Çalhanoglu, an authentic specialist in this type of launchings, connected a powerful and placed shot that caused the lucimiento of Ter Stegen, with a stop for deleitar to the photographers of the BayArena.

The high rhythm of game of the Leverkusen hampered the possession in first instance to the ones of Luis Enrique, that until the minute 15 of party did not have of the first clear occasion of goal. It was Sandro Ramírez the one who, after an eslalon of Leo Messi from the left band of the attack, received a balloon to the edge of the area to test luck with a powerful shot but too centred, cut across without problems by Bernd Leno. The first played serious of attack of the FC Barcelona was a signal of mejoría for the culés, that little by little were increasing the possession of balloon to the time that the offensive pressure of the Bayer Leverkusen, like a wave, returned to backwards to take strengths.

Genialidad Of the Barça and answer of the Leverkusen

The FC Barcelona was increasingly greased, and this was sufficient so that a chispazo of genialidad Barcelona fructificara in the first goal of the party. In full counterattack, a pass of goldsmithing of Ivan Rakitic in depth left entirely only to Leo Messi, that dribbled to Bernd Leno to define with the right leg and première the marker. The goal against, however, did not dismay neither much less to the ones of Roger Schmidt, that of the boots of a big Kramer and a genial Kevin Kampl achieved the equalised thanks to a good goal of Chicharito Hernández. The ariete Mexican received in the minute 23 a good balloon in the interior of the area, turning to perfection and defining of impossible form for Ter Stegen.

Five goals in six parties of Champions for Chicharito Hernández, that in so only three minutes turned off the joy of Luis Enrique in the bench. The Bayer Leverkusen came up after the target and went even more aggressive in the pressure, in a weapon of double edge that propició a new occasion of the Barça. A pass of the death of Jordi Alba from the left finished with a shot of Leo Messi from the penalty spot, that left slightly diverted. The Bayer followed tightening and, to fault of ten minutes for the rest, Çalhanoglu went back to try it from out of the area. Ter Stegen, very attentive, attained to block without problems a very powerful shot, but too centred. The first-half did not have more history and both teams left to the changing rooms.

The Bayer tightens, but the marker does not move

The second act started as it began the first: with the Bayer Leverkusen attacking and having of some that another clear occasion, but with a FC Barcelona that when had the spherical in his possession also generated danger for the rival goal. In the minute 49, another attack germano bad defended by the defence culé finished with a shot that almost meant the second goal for the Bayer Leverkusen. A confined offensive of Kampl and a bad clear of Adriano left only to Çalhanoglu, that defined too crossed. Only two minutes afterwards, a new finish of Bellarabi would finish with another clear occasion, although the shot of Bellarabi was diverted by Chicharito.

The ones of Roger Schmidt bit acutely in the pressure and caused the continuous losses of balloon of the centre of the Barcelona field and of the defence, in a situation that put increasingly nervous to Luis Enrique in the bench. With the step of the minutes and like sucediera in the first-half, the Barça was sleeping the party increasingly when it had of the possession of the spherical, controlling it but without having depth. Leo Messi went down too much to receive and left to the attack without reference, making impossible deepen in front of the constant losses of balloon of Sandro Ramírez and Munir The Haddadi, very predictable in his movements.

The FC Barcelona sleeps the party and conforms

In the minute 60 of party, a bad defensive coverage of the FC Barcelona did that Bellarabi remained only in a hand manually in front of Ter Stegen. The youngster guardameta German of the FC Barcelona won him the game diverting a shot very little precise and to the body of the local forward. The Bayer Leverkusen tried it of all the possible ways and had of clear opportunities to mark the second so much, but the inspiration of Ter Stegen, the luck and the little precision of the German footballers did that it did not move the marker passed 65 minutes of game.

The siege of the Bayer Leverkusen prolonged during all the second part on the goal of Ter Stegen. In the minute 75, a shot from out of the area of Bellarabi, too centred, neither put in difficulties to the youngster guardameta germano but went back to do notice the intensity of the combined German. The Barça, that did not play at all, seemed to conform with the tie in return of not to wear out more physically, taking into account that the next weeks will be loaded of parties so much of League BBVA as of World-wide of Clubs. The party finalised with the elimination of the ones of Roger Schmidt and the second consecutive tie of the Barça (1-1) in less than a week. There was time, this yes, for other two formidable stopped of Ter Stegen to both shots point-blank of Chicharito Hernández first and of Bellarabi to continuation.

Technical index card of the party: Leverkusen 1-1 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 1: Ter Stegen; Adriano, Bartra, Vermaelen, Jordi Alba (Camera, 74'); Rakitic, Samper, Kaptoum (Gumbau, 62'); Messi, Sandro and Munir.
Bayer Leverkusen, 1: Leno; Hilbert, Tah, Toprak, Wendell; Kramer, Kampl; Bellarabi, Çalhanoglu (Brandt), Mehmedi (Kiessling, 70') and "Chicharito".

Goals of the party: Leo Messi, 20'; Chicharito, 23'.
Referee: Mark Clattenburg.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the sixth day of the phase of groups of the UEFA Champions League 2015-16, contested in the BayArena to the 20.45 hours.

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