The culés won without problems to the beats borisov in the camp nou, in the fourth day of champions

Neymar And Suárez give another emBATE to the Champions (3-0)

Neymar And Suárez give another emBATE to the Champions (3-0)

Published:4/11/2015 - 23:43h


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The FC Barcelona did not have too many problems to erase of the map this Wednesday to the BEATS Borisov in the Camp Nou. Neymar Jr, again stellar, opened the marker for the culés in the first part and Ter Stegen, also formidable, attained to keep the goal to zero

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The FC Barcelona jumped to the Camp Nou with an eleven revolutionary and a pitada to the hymn of the UEFA Champions League also revolutionary by part of the Barcelona fans, with more than 30.000 esteladas in the terracings of the Barcelona sanctuary and a giant banner in which it could read the lemma "Respecte", in the context of "truce" between Barça and UEFA. On the terrain of game, with Luis Enrique ranging an unexpected 4-2-2 with the inclusion of Sergi Roberto and Andrés Iniesta, seemed that Neymar Jr had something of cold at the beginning -played with a thick black strip-, although the Brazilian went in quickly in heat planting a precise assistance in the minute 4 of party to Luis Suárez in the interior of the area of the BEAT Borisov, although the Uruguayan forward did not achieve to control well the spherical to send it at the end of the goal of Chernik.

In the minute 7, the "11" of the FC Barcelona went back to be determinant with an incredible eslalon from the right band in which it left of three defenders visitors to cause a dangerous fault in the frontal of the area. The same Neymar kicked the free direct, but the balloon left too high above the contrary goal. The Barça put siege after this played to the edge of the rival area, controlling perfectly the possession and approaching dangerously to the three sticks of the BEAT, whose players did not achieve to give foot with ball during the first minutes.

With Dani Alves and Adriano Correia acting more like extremes that like sides, the FC Barcelona installed in contrary field and drowned the exit of balloon of the BEAT Borisov, finding depth between lines but without being of the all precise in the last pass. To the chamber of hour of party, a pass in depth of Luis Suárez for Neymar caused a fast exit of Chernik, that desbarató the first goal. A minute afterwards, with the BEAT playing to the counterattack, a dangerous fault of Vermaelen to Mozolevski in the frontal of the area finished with a paradón of Ter Stegen, that won the first applauses of the duel in the Camp Nou.

Rakitic Gives the fright and Neymar imposes his law

The applauses, that coincided with the chant of independence of the minute 17.14, turned off quickly when Ivan Rakitic tended on the terrain of game, lesionado. The Croatian midfield player could abandon the lawn on his own two feet, in what it seemed a tear muscular in the right twin. Munir The Haddadi ingresó on the terrain of game in replacement of the mediocentro Barcelona, that in function of the scope of the injury will be serious doubt for the Classical against the Real Madrid on 21 November in Santiago Bernabéu.

To the margin of the bad luck of the Barça with the injuries, the team carburó in the minute 24 a good played collective that finished with a pass of the death of Luis Suárez to Munir The Haddadi, diverted in the last moment by a defender of the BEATS Borisov to corner. Four minutes later would be Neymar Jr the one who would assist to the leading youngster Spanish of Moroccan origin, the one who this time yes attained empalar a powerful shot, diverted by Chernik to corner. In the played back, the same Munir would cause the penalti of the first goal of the party, work of Neymar, after a confined from the right band that finished with an agarrón inside the area. István Vad No pitó in first instance the maximum penalty, but the judge of line warned him and at the end the referee yes yielded.

Passed the first half hour of party and with absolute control of the Barça, Volodko stepped to Dani Alves when the Brazilian defended a balloon that left by the sideline, causing a new fright for the Barcelona bench. Fortunately, the pisotón did not prevent that Alves returned to the terrain of game with full guarantees. The game driven mad went back to put in ristre to the fans culés of the Camp Nou: a combination between Neymar Jr and Adriano inside the contrary area finish with a shot to the stick of the Barcelona side, in a new played dangerous of the Barça. Before the rest the ones of Luis Enrique had of some that another arrival more to the goal of Chernik, although it was Ter Stegen the one who carried a new ovation of the Camp Nou after controlling a balloon in the band -himself, in the band-, protect it of a forward of the BEAT and give him gone out finding to Sergi Roberto in the medullary. All a despropósito.

The second half began for the Barça of the same way that finished the first. Controlling the possession, shutting to the BEATS in his own area and with a Neymar Jr stellar, again desbordando from the band and causing serious disequilibriums in the defence visitor. The Byelorussian players had protested before a supposition demolish in the interior of the area of Adriano to Stasevich, although István Vad decided no pitar at all after the forward of the BEAT left fall clearly. Luis Suárez finished in a played of corner a balloon combed by Busquets, but Chernik baled out very well the spaces and avoided what a lot of sang already like the second goal.

The "magic duet" of the FC Barcelona sentences

Like sucediera in the first-half, the FC Barcelona kept like a constant nightmare besieging the contrary goal and, what is more important, finalising almost all the played in shots, so much diverted like cut across by Chernik. In the minute 60 would arrive the sentence by part of the FC Barcelona. Neymar Jr, that received a new balloon escorado in the left band, assisted to Luis Suárez so that the Uruguayan recortara and afterwards beat with the leading to the guardameta rival. Everything after a fast counterattack manoeuvred by Sergi Roberto.

The youngster canterano and Sergi Busquets were perfect in the recovery of balloon in the centre of the field, as well as Andrés Iniesta and Neymar Jr in positions a so much more advanced. The BEATS did not know what do with the balloon during the few seconds that lasted his possessions, trastabilladas by the precise pressure of the FC Barcelona, with all the very advanced lines. Neymar Jr Had the third in his boots in the minute 66 after a good centre of Munir and a prolongation of Suárez, but finally Chernik had fortune when refusing the spherical to corner.

The Brazilian would go back to be protagonist two minutes afterwards, with a finish acrobatic in semi-Chilean that unfortunately did not go to goal, at the same time that the meeting heated slightly with diverse hard entrances and codazos by part of the players of the BEAT, very cabizbajos after the 2-0 of Luis Suárez annotated some minutes before. In spite of that the result was not too been bulky, the good game of the team and the last good results propiciaron that the public of the Camp Nou encouraged to the corear the name of Luis Enrique in the terracings. The following minutes did not change the tonic of the crash, with the Barça dominating until it achieved to materialise the third. In a counterattack of two for two, Luis Suárez arrived almost until the background line and attained to send a pass of the death measured to Neymar, that finish to sentence the meeting. Like this it passed the appointment until the pitido final of István Vad, in a new victory of the Barça and again leaving the goal to zero.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-0 BEATS Borisov

FC Barcelona, 3: Ter Stegen; Alves, Vermaelen, Mascherano, Adriano; Busquets (Gumbau, 75'), Roberto, Rakitic (Munir, 19'), Iniesta (Bartra, 67'); Suárez and Neymar.
It BEATS, 0: Chernik; Gaiduchik, Milunovi?, Mladenovi?, Polyakov; Yablonski, To. Volodko (Nikolic, 67'), Stasevich; M. Volodko (Rios, 78'), Mozolevski (Hleb, 61') and Gordeichu.

Goals of the party: Neymar Jr, 30'; Luis Suárez, 61'; Neymar Jr, 82'.
Referee: István Vad.
Incidences: Party of the fourth day of the phase of groups of the UEFA Champions League 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou.

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