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UEFA's punishment: 2 years without Champions for the clubs of the Super League

Published:6/05/2021 - 10:34h

Updated:6/05/2021 - 10:34h

UEFA does not want the clubs that are still betting on the European Super League to continue doing so and that is why it is considering punishing all those who continue in the project with two years without playing European competitions

Calendar of FC Barcelona

"Still we are expecting a legal evolution of what has sucedido and more advance will offer it, but all confront to the consequences that will bring his decisions and know it. If they follow saying that they are a Superliga, then will not play the Champions League, of course. And if they are prepared to do it, can play in his own competition", these words of Aleksander Ceferin does some weeks could be more than a warning according to the last information of 'ESPN'.

As it affirmed the mentioned half, the UEFA would be planning undertake important disciplinary actions against the teams that still are still in the Superliga European. In this case, it treats of the Real Madrid, the FC Barcelona, the Juventus of Turín and the Milan, that have not renounced to the project and that still would follow with the plan to be able to carry out this tournament before or afterwards.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Athletic of Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool already would have arrived to an agreement with the own UEFA to renounce to the project of formal form. The Inter of Milan, by his part, still would not have a deal with the maximum organisation of the football in Europe, although the agreement would be very very directed and could arrive in the next days or weeks.

Therefore, madridistas, culés, milanistas and juventinos would be those that would carry this exemplary punishment by part of the UEFA, that pretends to leave without playing European competitions to these clubs during two years. That would be the punishment of Ceferin to the teams mentioned if they do not surrender and shelve the Superliga. In case that they do not do it, the maximum European mandator will proceed to try leave without Champions and Europe League to all they.

The UEFA wants to do strong with the article 51 of the statutes, that says that "there are not combinations neither alliances between clubs affiliated, direct or indirectly, to different federations member of the UEFA that they can form without the permission of the UEFA". According to this, the project of the Superliga would be illegal, since it has not given permission to that anybody joint to create this competition.

The clubs of the Superliga, calm

On the other hand, in 'ESPN' also leave clear that Madrid, Barça, Milan and Juve have clear how defend. The madridistas attained that a court of Madrid gave them a cautelar that prevents to the UEFA undertake legal actions or disciplined against the groups that form part of this tournament. In case that Ceferin try it, would be breaking with the law, something that could have consequences.

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