Rudi garcia Ensures that the group "giallorossi" will do the possible for winning

Rudi Garcia: "we will not go out to defend us against the FC Barcelona"

Rudi Garcia: "we will not go out to defend us against the FC Barcelona"

Published:20/11/2015 - 22:18h


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The trainer of the Rome, Rudi Garcia, left clear in press conference that the Italian group will not go out neither much less to especular in the Camp Nou, but it will do all the possible for carrying the victory and give of this form a step at the front course to eighth of Champions

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs ACE Rome - Champions J5
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In statements conceded in previous press conference to the party of this Tuesday against the FC Barcelona, Rudi Garcia left clear that the Rome will not go out to shut in his own field against the Barcelona group, but it is convinced that it can attain the three points in the Camp Nou to follow dreaming with the classification for the eighth of final of UEFA Champions League, occupying at present the second position of the Group And with 5 points, to five of the FC Barcelona and one above the Bayer Leverkusen, that will measure to the BEAT Borisov.

"To win to the Barcelona need to take risks, and do not go to go out to defend us", signalled the French technician of the Italian group. "Empatar Or win does not change at all for us to, only to psychological level, but no in the classification and in the options to happen to eighth", added, leaving clear besides that "it did not need to see to the Barça in the Classical to know that it is an equipazo and that has players and a trainer of a big level. The party of the Madrid does not change me the ideas".

The Rome will suffer important drops like the ones of Salah and Gervinho. "Whenever have players of those that call headlines lesionados there are other players that have many win to show, and this is good". During the meeting, however, will ask the maximum to his players. "After this party will have five days to recover us by what go to ask to my players that give the maximum". It is possible that Of Rossi, that drags annoyances, neither can play.

"It will be necessary to expect to see as it trains. It is an important party and expect that it can play but if it goes to mean lose by him several parties will not take any risk". It is conscious that the FC Barcelona will have as always the possession of balloon. "We know that the possession will be of the Barça but will have to be very very organised and take advantage of the spaces that have available. The party of gone home is a good referent in every aspect, also to the hour to reduce the potential of the attacker trident. There we did it and tomorrow we can not sleep us".

Finally, asked after if Neymar Jr has surpassed already to Cristiano Ronaldo regarding level of game, said the following: "Neymar is fantastic and Cristiano also. Players like this is better to see them by the television that from the rival bench".

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