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The Champions League can remain without some 'big' of Europe

Published:2/05/2021 - 20:50h

Updated:2/05/2021 - 21:56h

The European season is in his final stretch and already begin to decide the teams that will assist to the Champions League, of which can remain was varied 'big'or

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The season 2020-2021 is coming to an end. It has been a very atypical course, full of sanitary measures and in which the 'stars' have remained to half gas, regarding previous years. A factor that has influenced has been the loaded of the calendars, that have forced to the teams to play each two or three days in several stretches of the campaign.

With so many parties, the players tire more and surrender less, especially in the most important nights. Of there to that in this year, in the majority of the big European leagues, the championship was more contested that never. A proof of this is with LaLiga that, to fault of four days for the end, the Athletic, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Seville are in the fight by the title and the four have options.

However, the true is that of Spain already know the four that will go to the next Champions League, to the equal that in France, but does not happen like this in the rest of the leagues (Series To, Premier League and Bundesliga) and can that historical teams of the competition remain out of the most important tournament to level of clubs, although anything could happen

Beginning by England, where the career by the 'top 4' is more argued that never. For the moment, they will be the Manchester City, Manchester United, Leicester City and Chelsea those who will go to the phase of groups of the UCL, leaving by out to teams like the Liverpool, Tottenham (that they confronted in the final of the season 2018-2019) and the Arsenal, that still has opportunities to classify if it achieves to happen to the final of the Europe League and win it.

In Italy already knows that the Inter is champion of the Series To, but the ticket for the Champions are not totally decided. The Altalanta, the Juventus and AC Milan, in the second, third and fourth square respectively, are empatados in points (69) and have of perseguidor direct to the Naples, with 67 units.

The 'Vecchia Signora', in fact, does so only some semenas this totally out of the 'top 4', but has cost of the errors and tropiezos of his rivals to go back to struggle by the European places. This Sunday, in front of the Udinese, the 'bianconeri' began losing, but in the second part Cristiano Ronaldo visited of hero and annotated a doublet to command to the Juve to the third square.

The surprise in Germany

The classification of the Bundesliga is full of sopresas. The Bayern Munich occupies the first square and will proclaim champion in brief, followed of the RB Leipzig with seven points less. However, in the third and fourth position is where is the interesting. The Wolfsburg and Frankfurt, for the moment, are those that will accompany to the two 'big' to the Champions League, leaving backwards to the Borussia Dortmund.

And it is that the conjoint Teutonic finds inl to fifth square of the competition, with 55 units, two meno that the Wolfsburg and one less than the Frankfurt. The end of season in the country germano will be frantic and anything could happen.

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