Philippe Coutinho regrets  after failing an occasion with the FC Barcelona


The networks criticise to Coutinho for changing to the Liverpool by the Barça

Published:11/04/2018 - 18:59h

Updated:12/04/2018 - 01:34h

Philippe Coutinho starred one of the serials of the last months by the discussions between Liverpool and Barça by his signing, and now is him happening bill. The networks have cebado with the Brazilian for saying that it came to the Camp Nou to win the Champions

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The arrival of Philippe Coutinho to the FC Barcelona had more potholes of the expected, and is that the Brazilian had to expect six months until the Liverpool gave his arm to twist and left him fulfil a dream, this yes, previous payment of a bunch of millions. The midfield player is beginning to know the requirement of the Camp Nou, and already has tested the best and the worst expensive.

Without being able to at least help in the field, the one of Rio de Janeiro has lived a painful elimination of the Champions, in a season that started with big disappointments but that had gone volteando until tornarse promising. Besides, in the networks has turned into an easy white, with numerous mockeries and critical after the defeat against the Rome.

Coutinho, criticised for leaving of a Liverpool winning

The coincidences in these quarter-finals have left in bad place to the player, since his ex team has planted to the big in semifinals and the current has fallen without remedy. After several years in Anfield with few successes, seems that it decided to leave in the worst moment, something that many have reproached him.

With an attitude more than ventajista, have not been few the fans of the 'reds' that have tricked of the that recently was his star, for saying that it arrived to the Barça to win the Champions. Without leaving to support from the terracing, has touched him live one of the most bitter feelings, and more when the Barcelona split like main favourites to do with the title.

The only consolation that can have Coutinho is that if the Liverpool wins the trophy, will be recorded in the list of winners like his, since it participated during the first phase of the tournament and therefore now it could not do it with another applicant. The Brazilian was important piece for the classification and in the current course, and this yes there will be others many that still will appreciate it to him.

The Champions 2018-19, the one of Coutinho

Thinking in the future in the short term, Philippe can and has to be one of the big arguments of the Barça for the Champions, in which this year already has missed him . The next edition will be the first in which it can participate as Barcelona, and after the last failures, there will be more win that never. It can be the best of the news.

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