Goal of the PSG to the Barça in the gone of the eighth of final of the Champions League


Unprecedented! Command almost absolute of the visitors in the Champions League

Published:25/02/2021 - 22:45h

Updated:25/02/2021 - 22:45h

The Champions League has registered a new historical data: seven of eight teams won like visitors in the commitments of gone of the eighth of final

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No by at all the season 2020-2021 has been known like the one of the surprises, and the Champions League has not escaped . In the present edition, without public in the stadiums and a very distinct environment to previous years, in the middle of the pandemia of the coronavirus, the European football has seen a sinfín of changes and this week has left a data for the books of history of the competition.

In the parties of gone of the eighth of final of the Champions League has existed an almost absolute command of the teams that remained leaders in the phase of groups, that have contested the party in quality of visitor. Seven of eight visitors carried the victory to domicile, something that had not occurred before and in what it has influído a sinfín of factors, but the one who more weight has is the fault of public in the stadiums.

Paris Saint-Germain (1-4 against the Barça), Port wine (2-1 to the Juventus), Liverpool (0-2 in front of the Leipzig), Borussia Dortmund (2-3 in front of the Seville), Liverpool (0-2 against the Leipzig), Bayern of Munich (1-4 against the Lazio), Manchester City (0-2 to the Mönchengladbach), Liverpool (0-2 against the Leipzig), Chelsea (0-1 to the Athletic of Madrid), Real Madrid (0-1 in front of the Atalanta) have been the teams that have carried the victory in the first party and have remained with an important advantage of face to the clash of turn. And seven of them played like visitors.

The superiority does not remain there. In a global marker, in addition to the 1-7 in victories, the quantity of goals is overwhelming. In total, the visitors have annotated 18 so many (with the PSG and Bayern with four goals each one), whereas between all the venues have achieved to mark 6 so many (Seville, with two, the best 'positioned'). To his time, four teams did not achieve to convert when receiving to his rival, the Athletic of Madrid, RB Leipzig, Mönchengladbach and Atalanta, a factor that complicates them even more the crash of turn.

The reality is that it is a historical fact. It is necessary to trace back until the Champions League of the season 2013-2014 to find similar numbers. In this edition, six of the visitors carried the victory in the party of gone (Barça, Madrid, Athletic, PSG, Bayern and Dormund), more a tie and a local victory.

The factors that more influence

The fault of public, without place to doubts, has been what more has affected in the results and everything aims to that lacking (more) so that they are back. The fanatical have turned into the player '12' of his teams and the breath, chants and unconditional support has a big effect in the footballers, especially when they see by behind in the marker.

However, it has not been the only. Lto majority of the visitors were favourite in his eliminatory and has been something that has seen reflected in the final markers. Only they had three crashes equalised: Barça-PSG, Athletic-Chelsea, and Seville-Dortmund. In the three, the visitor has carried the victory. The only exception has been the Port wine, that achieved a victory importantísima in Lisbon in front of the Juventus of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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