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Barça, to the round of 16 of the Cup with suffering against Barbastro (2-3)

Published:7/01/2024 - 22:54h

Updated:8/01/2024 - 01:40h

The FC Barcelona did not live a night plácida in his debut in the Glass of Rey, against the Barbastro. In spite of that have achieved the pass to the eighth of final, the culés have not been comfortable and failed a lot of opportunities

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The FC Barcelona credits to the suffering, also in the Glass of Rey. The Barcelona have achieved the note to the eighth of final of the competition of the 'KO', but with more suffering of the planned and with the enésima bad news of the season, with the injury of Iñigo Martínez. The true is that, after a first part in which the team seemed an aplanadora and wanted to sign a goleada, in the second part went down the intensity and put to the Barbastro in the party, in a night in which the referee's errors did notice more than the account.

It is not a secret for anybody the capacity of the Glass of the King to thrill and 'move' to the big to the corners where the football lives differently. To the Barça has touched him displace to a Municipal of Sports, in Huesca, that has dressed of gala to receive to the team that more times has won the trophy. The thousands of fans in the terracing, under the cold oscense, and win them to live a thrilling party were the ingredients of the night so that the ones of Xavi Hernández, with the imperial obligation to carry the ticket for the next phase, signed a key victory -but suffered- in front of the Barbastro.

The trainer of Terrassa had thrown of the players titled for the dispute of the party, although it seemed a night 'ideal' for the rotations. The big surprise was the trident, with Raphinha, Joao Félix and Ferran Torres like false '9'. The Barcelona wanted speed, mobility and have a player that arrived from second line for dinamizar the attack. Fermín López dressed of allied 'perfect' in the lawn and, beside the Brazilian, went the attendant to carry the reins of the crash in the offensive section.

Total command and exceptional performance of the Barça in 45'

The true is that, from the first minutes, the command of the visitors was evident. The inner game and the speed that printed with Raphinha by the band were key so that the culés added opportunity after opportunity in the first compasses of the meeting. The '11' was protagonist of several actions, until in the 17' had his opportunity of gold with a precise centre to the heart of the area that took advantage of Fermín to finish direct to goal and open the marker and put justice in a meeting in which the Barça dominated without opposition and generated clear occasions, although without luck in the last pass.

The 0-2 could arrive in several opportunities before they fulfilled the 45 minutes. Joao Had his with a finish raso and adjusted to the stick, after a direct fault, but Fábrega cut across with solvency. Few minutes afterwards, arrived the goal that could sentence the history with a centre of Fermín to the Portuguese, that finished in the second stick. Nevertheless, Polishing Santana cancelled the action because it interpreted that it was in position irreglamentaria, although in the repetition observed perfectly enabled.

The culés knew to dominate and leave to the oscenses without alternatives to add to the attack, but once again -and as always-, was missing them comillo in the area. Raphinha dinamizaba Constantly, whilequ and Joao Félix, further of his direct shot and goal cancelled, cost him much more appear. The fortune, at least momentary, went that it noticed more than the account the superiority and category of the blaugrana. And there it saw the difference that opened the window so that they arrived the goals, with the Brazilian again like big leading.

Radical change of the Barça and unnecessary suffering

In spite of the push of the Barbastro in the beginning of the resumption, with an approach that forced to Iñaki Crag to go in in heat, the Barça did not take in putting earth of by half in the electronic. Héctor Fort, in the first party of his career playing by the left, received the balloon and, from the beak of the area, commanded a centre crossed to the second stick for the apparition of Raphinha, the one who nailed it in the deepest of the network. The joy did not last too much, with the arbitration again in the focus, but also with the '14' like indirect villain of the history.

And it is that, after Joao Félix gave a kickoff of corner, Jaime Ploughs went in like a 'bullet' in the area and, with one more than likely fault, commanded the balloon for Of Table, that did not forgive and 'punished' to the culés. Polishing Santana did not see punishable fault and, to fault of VAR, the so much went up to the marker to put fear to the ones of Xavi, because the Barbastro advanced lines and was able to approach much more to the area of Iñaki Crag. It was another party, because the Catalans had yielded terrain and were suffering more than what any one had imagined.

The venues, that were playing the party of his life, left in evidence to a Barça that without intensity does not have at all that do. Without mattering who are on the lawn. In spite of that remained in a fright, and could arrive the third with an occasion of Ferran that covered Fábrega, has been a new called of attention for a picture blaugrana that can not despistarse. Without mattering the rival neither the competition.

Technical index card of the party: UDBarbastro 2-3 FC Barcelona

  • UD Barbastro: Fábrega; Gasco, Mingotes, Jaime Ploughs, Bautista; Israel, Javito, Franki; Rausell, Gonpi and Of Table.
  • FC Barcelona: Iñaki Crag; Koundé, Araujo, Christensen (min. 63, Iñigo), Héctor Fort; Romeu (min. 71, Gündogan), Of Jong, Fermín; Raphinha (min. 63, Vitor Roque), Ferran and Joao Félix (min. 71, Lewandowski).
  • Referee: Polishing Santana
  • Incidences: corresponding Party to the dieciseisavos of final of the Glass of the King 2023/2024
  • Goals of the party: 0-1, Fermín López (min. 17); 0-2, Raphinha (min. 51); 1-2, Of Table (min. 60); 1-3, Lewandowski (min. 88)

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