Glass of the king 2014 2015 gone back semifinals

The Barça wins in Villarreal (1-3) and will play the final of Glass

The Barça wins in Villarreal (1-3) and will play the final of Glass

Published:4/03/2015 - 23:56h


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The Barcelona will play the final of the Glass of the King after going back to defeat to the Villarreal by 1-3 in the party of turn in The Madrigal. Neymar (2) and Luis Suárez have done the goals of the group of Luis Enrique that has resiuelto the eliminatory with a global definite of 6-2

Villarreal-Barcelona 1-3 - Video summary and goals of the party

Global result of 6-2 in the eliminatory for the Barça, that has surpassed to the Villarreal so much in the gone as in the turn by 3-1. With this result the culés already expect rival in the big final, where will confront to Athletic or Espanyol. In addition to sealing the pass, the culés have attained it do clean regarding cardboards, by what so much Mascherano like Luis Suárez, that were apercibidos, will be to disposal of his technician in the finalísima of Glass.

The Barça has desactivado any attempt of traced back of the Villarreal with a goal very tempranero of Neymar, that has inaugurated the marker in the minute 3 after receiving a big assistance to the space of Messi. But the target of the Brazilian does not have derrumbado neither much less the spirits of the yellow, that have done with the total control of the game taking advantage of the drop of tension of the Barcelona.

The team of Luis Enrique, as if already it saw with the classification for the final in the pocket, has soltado ahead of time and has left dominate by a Villarreal that has looked for with insistence the goal of Ter Stegen. The German goalkeeper, that has taken part more than the usual, has avoided the tie of Cheryshev with a good unemployed.

In spite of the desidia of a Barça too contemplativo, Neymar wasted a clear occasion to leave the eliminatory sentenced. The Brazilian has not resolved at all well a counterattack and of the possible 0-2 has happened to the tie to one. The ex Barcelona Jonathan Two Saints has done the equalised after finishing only in the second stick and without opposition a centre of Jaume Coast. A punishment deserved to the speculative game of the Barcelona. And just before the rest, Sergio Busquets has had to withdraw in stretcher by an injury in the right ankle after receiving an entrance of Pina and has been substituted by Mathieu.

The expulsion of Pina grave to the yellow

In the start of the resumption, the Villarreal has followed insisting but everything has fallen through for the team of Marcelino when in the minute 65 Pina has been expelled with red direct by a very hard entrance on Neymar, that shortly before had forgiven the 1-2 in a new contragolpe bad resolved by the Brazilian, that has shot to the body of Asenjo when had only to Messi.

With numerical superiority, the Villarreal has gone down entirely the arms and the Barça has taken advantage of it to do the definite sentence. The attendant to clear the eliminatory has been Luis Suárez, that with his sixth goal in the last six parties has finish to sink the resistance of the "yellow Submarine". And to finish to finish the work, Neymar has amended the two previous errors doing of head the definite 1-3 after a touch delicious of Xavi.

With a global definite of 6-2, the Barça has certified the classification for the final of the Glass of Rey, the fifth in the last seven years.

Technical index card of the Villarreal vs Barcelona 1-3

Villarreal, 1: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio (c), V.Ruiz, J.Coast, Jonathan Two Saints, Pina, Trigueros (Moi Gómez, 74'), Cheryshev (Campbell, 69'), Vietto and Uche (G. Two Saints, 62').

FC Barcelona, 3: Ter Stegen; Montoya, Hammered, Mascherano (Rakitic, 76'), Jordi Alba; Busquets (Mathieu, 42'), Rafinha (Xavi, 64'), Iniesta (c); Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar.

Goals of the party: 0-1, Min. 3, Neymar. Change of game of Luis Suárez for Messi dese the left the one who sees the movement of Neymar; Leo sends him a pass in depth that the Brazilian finishes with the left boot with a touch subtle on the exit of Asenjo. 1-1, Min. 39, J. Two Saints. Centre of Coast from the left and Two Saints, free of mark, arrives to the contrary stick and pushes the balloon at the end of the goal. 1-2, Min. 73, Luis Suárez. Sending in long of Mascherano for the Uruguayan that holds the entrance of Víctor Ruiz, dribla to Asenjo and remacha with the left-handed.
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (Andalusian Committee). It was assisted in the bands by Raúl Cabañero Martinez (Committee murciano) and Jorge Canelo Prieto, Jorge (Andalusian Committee). Fourth referee, Antonio Israel Marshal Sánchez. It showed red card to Pina (65') by a terrible entrance by behind to Neymar. It showed yellow cards to J. Two Saints (35') for protesting a fault of Mario on Messi; to Cherysev (38') by a patada by behind to Luis Suárez; To I Hammered (50') by a hard entrance to Vietto; to Campbell (82') by a patada to Iniesta; and to Juan Carlos Unzué (83') by a discussion with the fourth referee.
Incidences: The Madrigal, some 25.000 viewers.

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