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Mexico wakes up late in the World Cup and goes to the streets despite the victory (2-1)

Published:30/11/2022 - 22:08h

Updated:30/11/2022 - 22:08h

Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi advanced to eighth of final with his respective selections afterwards that Mexico could not golear to Saudi Arabia and certified his failure in Qatar

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This Wednesday lived , up to now, the most thrilling day of what goes of the Glass of the World. To first hour the Group D defined with Australia surprising to many when defeating to Denmark with a solitary goal in the second time and resisted more than half hour to advance to the eighth of final and to second hour Mexico lived a party of high voltage in front of Saudi Arabia.

Him Mexican selection finished equalising without goals in the first part in front of the Asian team, same case that in the meeting between Argentina and Poland, of the cual depended directly the team of Gerardo Tata Martino. The second half in both parties began of equal way: with vertigo and with goal.

The Mexican team opened the marker in front of Saudi Arabia in the minute 47 of party by means of Henry Martín. The forward defined of very good way the first played of danger of the North American team in the second part. In that moment Argentina also had marked the 1-0 and with this situation needed three goals more to advance.

They happened only 5 minutes and with an exquisite free shot direct Luis Gerardo Chávez the ones of Martino annotated the second so much of the party and put more near to reach the aim to put in the eighth of final of the Glass of the World. The way of Mexico seemed to clear even more when in the 67' Argentina annotated the 2-0 and already the following round of the World-wide was only to a goal of the 'Tri'.

There was not miracle

Saudi Arabia, already without real options to advance, devoted to try defend any approximation of the Mexican team that already from the minute 75 forgot of any another thing that was not to attack. Equalised in everything with Poland, lyou of Martino remained deleted by 'fair play' because of the yellow cards by what an Aztec goal or albiceleste was compulsory.

Between the ones of Messi and the ones of Lewandowski would not move more the result and the Saudi goalkeeper, Mohammed To the-Owais, avoided any another possibility of Mexico that between the anxiety and the fault of puntería finished remaining without eighth of final. The ex Villarreal, Salem To the-Dawsari, sentenced the failure of the ones of Martino with a so much in the minute 96, allowing like this the classification of the selection of Lewandowski.

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