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The World Cup calculator: This is how the groups are before the last day!

Published:28/11/2022 - 23:54h

Updated:28/11/2022 - 23:54h

In the preview of the dispute of the last day of the group stage of the World Cup, there is a lot at stake. There are several teams pending confirmation of their classification to the round of 16

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After completing the first two days of the phase of groups of the World-wide of Qatar, only there are three selections that already are classified officially to the eighth of final: France, Brazil and Portugal. They remain thirteen pending squares of protagonists and will begin to resolve the doubts from this Tuesday, when it will begin to contest the third and last date. Like this they are the things:

Group To, all open

They are a few the groups that are to the red alive and in which anything could happen, beginning by the To in which three teams split with possibilities: Low Countries leads with four points, the same that has Ecuador. By behind, in the third square finds Senegal (3) and a Qatar (0) that already is deleted of 'his' tournament. In simultaneous meetings, will confront Ecuador vs Senegal and Low Countries vs Qatar (from the 16:00 hours).

To the Dutch and ecuadorian costs them the tie to surpass the phase of groups. In the case of Senegal, to be in the eighth of final has to win, although it would cost him a more complicated option: Sign the tables (with goals) in front of Ecuador and that Qatar achieve to win to Low Countries by 2-0 or more goals.

Group B, can have surprises

Regarding the group B, can remain legs arrive: England is leader with four units, gone on down Iran (3), United States (3) and a Wales that only has sumano a point in two parties, although it still is not deleted. They will play, in the turn of the 20:00 hours, Iran vs United States and Wales vs England. Here, there are a few possible stages and anything -literally- could happen.

In principle, England and Iran would be in eighth if they win. The English also would benefit of a tie to classify, but to the Asians only would cost him the tie against United States in case that Wales do not win to the 'three lions'. The Americans, by his part, would have the pass to the following phase if they win.

The Wales of Gareth Bleat is the one who more difficult has it, but have two roads: Win to England with a goleada historical of 4-0, or with a victory (without mattering the number of targets) that was accompanied by a tie in the another party of the group.

The group C, also 'on fire'

The day Wednesday will resolve the doubt with the qualifiers of the group C, with the clashes of Poland-Argentina and Saudi Arabia-Mexico to the 20:00 hours. In the previous, Poland leads the table of classification with 4 points, gone on down Argentina (3), Saudi Arabia (3) and Mexico, that only has been able to add a unit.

For the selection of Robert Lewandowski costs him win or empatar against the 'albiceleste', but to the ones of Leo Messi only would cost him a tie in case that Arabia and Mexico remain in tables or that the centroamericanos win with a no greater marker to the 0-3. Like this then , the three selections have options to classify in case to win.

The 'tri', by his part, yes has it more complicated: it Has to win and that Argentina lose. Another option is to carry the triumph by goleada and expect to know what happen in the another duel to take out his calculator in case that the albiceleste tie or the Poles empaten, by the difference of goals.

Open panorama in the Group D

The Wednesday also will define to the team of the group D that will accompany to France in the eighth. They will confront Australia-Denmark and Tunisia-France from the 16:00 hours. 'Them bleus' are leaders with six points, gone on down Australia (3), Denmark (1) and Tunisia (1).

The French would be first if they win, but also with a tie and, even, could be it even if they fall defeated. Australia needs to win to surpass the round, although also it would achieve it with a tie in case that Tunisia fall in front of the French. The Denmark of Andreas Christensen, finally, would classify if it wins, but would have to be very attentive because if the selection tunecina wins by a goal more than them, would remain was.

Group And, a lot for defining

The day Thursday will live a battle campal in the group And, that at present leads Spain with 4 points, gone on down Japan (3), Costa Rica (3) and Germany (1). They will confront Spain-Japan and Costa Rica-Germany from the 20:00 hours. Those that have it easier are the trained by Luis Enrique, that would classify with victory or tie.

'The Red' only would remain went in case to fall against Japan and that Costa Rica win in front of the Teutonics, or in the case to lose by the minimum and that Germany win by a difference of 7-0 in front of the 'ticos'. In the case of Japan, costs him win or empatar and that the another hurt also remain in tables.

To the selection centroamericana would cost him empatar alone in the case that they lose the Japanese. Germany, finally, has it more difficult: they would have to win by a difference of two goals in case that the Spain-Japan remain empatado. Lis would reach with winning by 1-0 in case that the another duel finish without goals.

Three candidates in the Group F

Knowingly that Canada is deleted (0 pts) and that the battle will be between Morocco (4), Croatia (4) and Belgium (3), the last day of the group F presents like one of the most contested and in which it could happen, literally, anything. They will measure Canada-Morocco and Croatia-Belgium the Thursday to the 16:00 hours. The three teams depend on yes same.

The victory gives them the pass to any one. Morocco and Croatia could allow a tie to be in eighth, but lyou Belgian are those that more difficult have it: they Have to win or remain in tables only if Canada golea to the Moroccans (4-0 or with a 3-0 if the tie in his party is to two goals or upper).

Group G: Brazil looks for accompanying

The 'canarinha' has certified his pass: Sum six points, by in front of Switzerland (3), Cameroon (1) and Serbia (1). The day Friday, from the 20:00 hours, will measure Serbia-Switzerland and Cameroon-Brazil. The ones of Tite will be first of groups if they win or empatan, although in case to fall would be leaders in case that Switzerland do not win.

Besides, if the selection helvética does not surpass the difference of goals, of three, Brazil would continue being leader. In the case of Switzerland, depend on yes same and will be in the following phase if they win to the Serbian or in case that Cameroon do not win to the Brazilians.

The Cameroonians, on the other hand, have it quite complicated: they would have to win to the 'canarinha' and that produzva a tie in the another duel. In the meantime, Serbia would have to win and expect that Cameroon lose.

I wrap in the group H

Portugal ensured his pass to eighth of final and leads his group with six points, backed by Ghana (3), South Korea (3) and Uruguay (3). They will confront Korea-Portugal and Ghana-Uruguay the Friday from the 16:00 hours. The lusos would be first in case to win or empatar, although they would not need at all in if Uruguay wins to Ghana.

The African, by his part, would be in eighth if they win or empatan in front of the charrúas or in case that South Korea do not win. If they do it, it would depend on the difference of goals (0 vs -1). The Asians would need to win to Portugal and that the another duel help them: If Ghana falls or empata against Uruguay with the difference of goals.

Finally, the ones of Diego Alonso would classify if they win to Ghana and South Korea does not win to Portugal. Another possibility is that they won the Asians, but surpassed him in the difference of goals (-1 of the Koreans and -2 of the charrúas).

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