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The 1x1 of the Barça players: the notes of the 2023-2024 season

Published:27/05/2024 - 10:44h

Updated:27/05/2024 - 14:35h

At FCBN we present below the entire analysis of the FC Barcelona squad after finishing the 2023/2024 season. The culés have been left without titles, but with several good news

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The FC Barcelona has closed his season this Sunday with a victory in the field of the Seville (1-2). Like this, the culés sack a course that will remember like the one of the goodbye of Xavi Hernández after two years and half at the head of the group culé, as well as for going back to be a campaign without titles in the entity, leaving also in the memory the irregular moments of several footballers, as well as the grave injuries of a lot of important names. It is thus that in FCBN review to continuation the performance of each one in this season 2023/2024.

Ter Stegen: Without luck

Although for a goalkeeper the luck is a point that many times can not take in account, the reality is that the German happened of a season in which it was impossible to do him goal, to which directly has had to look for the balloon in his goal after only a minute of game in several parties. Besides, it lived an injury of long length after long and in spite of having achieved 15 goals to zero in 28 parties in League, and fit 'alone' 27 so many, remained without being able to repeat his prize Zamora, and in the Champions League himself that could not be a factor to follow keeping to the Barça with life.

Iñaki Crag: Something short

The canterano lived his first season in the Barça with a lot of minutes, surpassing the 15 meetings contested in front of the injury of back of Ter Stegen, but as it could expect, evidenció the difference of level that exists between the two goalkeepers of the first team. Although certainly it lived the parties in which the team showed worse defensive level, his work in the goal no always showed solidity and finish achieving only three goals to zero in the 17 meetings that contested, highlighting that it played the four competitions of the season.

Jules Koundé: Again like side

The French began the course having cleared that it wanted to go back to be central, and in effect like this was, but after an injury of knee and the presence of Iñigo Martínez, the Frenchman returned to the role of right side that already had had the previous season. Besides, the irruption of Pau Cubarsí or the injury of Balde went him forcing to forget of the centre of the defence and centre in being a better carrilero, especially in attack, something that each so much could show. His season can not catalog as stood out, but certainly has been a footballer that fulfilled in a lot of parties, being always 'was' of position.

Ronald Araújo: Of more to less

The third captain of the Barça closed a season of authentic madness. It happened to feel and show like one of the three better head offices of the world, and be a constant headache for extreme 'top' when it was lateral, to see questioned his continuity in the Barça by some bad parties and having even an important controversy after the red that received in the Champions. Although certainly it lived almost all the season with annoyances, the defender was moving away of his best version and finish even without playing -by caution- in which it could be his last season like Barcelona.

Pau Cubarsí: A puff of hope

Half season has sufficed him to Pau Cubarsí to turn into a fixed in the eleven headline of the Barça, having debuted besides with 16 years and in the middle of a course in which the team every time seemed to defend worse. The youngster was able to go revirtiendo this situation thanks to his talent and mentality, in addition to adding his big exit of balloon. Clearly still it has points to improve, as it would expect of a juvenile, but his presence has been so positive and delivers so much hope to the club for the future that include it between the three better players of the course, or at least the five, is not any madness.

Iñigo Martínez: Some well, others no so much

The central Basque has been one of the greater reflections of the season culé: physical problems, alternation of good and bad performances, moments to need give more and seem not being able to. His signing seemed a big tarpaulin in summer, and certainly has been it, but has been far to be this defence in which the team could trust whenever it was in the field, highlighting besides that has been long of drop for the importance that could have had inside the team in front of the change of position of Andreas Christensen.

Andreas Christensen: A salvavidas culé

As it could happen with Koundé in some measure, the Danish has to be valued always taking into account that it has played almost always far of his natural zone. As we commented in the analysis of Iñigo, Christensen has had to change of position and play a lot of minutes like pivote, being besides a big news for him from the point of view of not having almost competition in this role and can show his commitment with the team. Like head office began with a lot of doubts the season, adding besides physical annoyances in his heel during more than 50% of the course, another factor to consider.

Joao Cancel: A lot of attack and no so much defence

As already it knew before his arrival, Cancel has been an incredibly dangerous side in attack for the Barça, but to the hour to fulfil with his defensive responsibilities, has not been so like this. So much in the right as in the left, the luso has delivered big parties to the hour to assist and even mark, but also other nights 'black' to the moment to fulfil with the main responsibility that has a side: defend to the rival extreme. It was surpassed with a lot of ease in several moments of a lot of parties and is something that will have to diminish if finally it continues in the Barcelona entity.

Alejandro Balde: absolute Disappointment

Although it is necessary to highlight clearly that an injury can not be reason for 'attack' to a player, the reality is that the drop of half season of Balde only has done that "disappointment" can adapt more easily to the description of his season. And it is that before falling lesionado in Saint Mamés, the canterano culé had lived a lot of parties in which it saw him far of that player that surprised to all in the 22/23, losing even his role to title, by what further of his bad luck, the reality is that it disappointed a lot in general terms.

Marcos Alonso: Testimonial season

The analysis of the season of the ex of Chelsea surely can be the most brief of all, but the reality is that there is not a lot to be analysed. It happened to have a lot of important in the defence of the Barça to directly not playing never, especially by the presences of Iñigo, Cubarsí and Cancel. Besides, Héctor Fort also him 'removed' a lot of minutes and his drop of three months did not collaborate a lot neither to that it could try revertir the situation.

Héctor Fort: A lot of personality

Precisely with Fort close the analysis of the line of defence of a Barça that it had to 'throw' of two minors of age in a lot of moments of the season. The side appeared, to the equal that Cubarsí, like a solution of emergency for Xavi in front of the multiple drops of the team and almost immediately left clear that would not have problem to be able to surrender where needed him. In fact, many of the almost 500 minutes that contested were like carrilero left, a role that was extraneous to him along his training in the Masia.

Oriol Romeu: absolute Failure

The signing of Oriol finish being a solution of emergency for the Barça the past summer, but his level was so far of the expected that finish being an acting player by more than half season and causing even that a central had to take the position of mediocentro of the team. The ex of the Girona began with good feelings the course, but quickly evidenció his limitations with the balloon, so much in exit as under construction of game, and besides could not be a defensive insurance for a team that began to fit a lot of goals.

Gavi: The most painful absence

It is true that the injuries to title of the team were a constant in the season, but is not any secret the can say that the most painful and important of all was the one of Gavi, and no only for being also the worst to level of what can happen him to a player inside the field. The break of knee of the Andalusian left to the Barça without which was being his best mediocampista in the first three months of season and besides without this player that constantly shows his commitment. The team remained without a fundamental man so much inside as out of the field.

Frenkie Of Jong: A lot of doubts

Although it is difficult can say "more doubts that certainties" on a player that seems so contrasted as Of Jong, the reality is that his defensive problems like pivote during all the season were a reality, adding besides two drops by injury of long and little offensive weight when the team needed him. The Dutch seemed to lose when having always a lot of responsibility in the parties and finish seeing like Ilkay Gündogan surpassed him in almost each appearance of the game, in spite of a greater age and wear.

Ilkay Gündogan: Tarpaulin rotundo

If the signing of Oriol finish being a big failure, the arrival of the German to the Barça has been surely of the best news of the course. It played almost all the minutes of the season, but besides did it with a big level that was able to sustain in the time. It occupied all the roles of the midfield and was able to solve situations in each one of them, being besides very autocrítico in the defeats and leaving clear that had arrived to the City Condal to try win each party and each title that contested.

Pedri: Very little magic

The injuries have followed pursuing to Pedri, and by third consecutive season could not show all his talent by muscular problems. Already in the first month of the course, the Canarian broke and was three months in the infirmary, a situation that almost repeated in the second half of the course, leaving only for the last month of the course the possibility to see the best version of the Canarian, one that of course follows waking up the hope in the fan culé of face to the future.

Sergi Roberto: Difficult to value

The captain of the Barça does that they believe a lot of doubts to the hour to be able to analyse his contribution to the team. And it is that if it analyses him like the first captain of a so big team, the reality is that his impact is very far of the necessary, but at the same time, is used to to be a big name inside the changing room. And if it analyses his performance with the experience that has, also can have disagreements in if really it delivers all the best that can, although to be a player that is far to be headline, many times finish 'saving' to the Barça in key moments.

Fermín López: A big discovery

The bets on if Fermín would be the maximum second goleador of the Barça this season simply did not exist the past summer, because it is that directly the canterano neither. It arrived to the pre-season like a 'unknown', especially for having been yielded the previous season, and in few days already won to Xavi. Golazo In turns it and golazo to close this Sunday LaLiga, showing so from beginning to end it has been able to believe his own talent and to be important every time that they have put him in the field, or at least almost always.

Lamine Yamal: The big hope of the barcelonismo

Although unlike his mates canteranos, Lamine himself that it was a talent that could 'foresee', the extreme simply has broken any projection that could have on him to his 16 years. It has happened to be a possible offensive factor of the team to be a fixed in the XI, displacing of position to Raphinha and being in a lot of moments the best forward of the team regarding creation of danger and regarding confidence in him same to go to by the rival goal in each played. Awake all the possible hope in the barcelonismo, and does not seem that it go to turn off soon this feeling.

Raphinha: It was missing a bit more

In his second season like culé, Raphinha went back to reach at least 10 goals and 10 assistances, but like sucedió the previous course, left the feeling that it has to and can deliver a bit more. To be an extreme that ilusione in the Barça it is necessary can remove rivals of on constantly and cause feeling of danger every time that you approach to the area, something that no always sucede with the Brazilian. In spite of this, himself that shows always his commitment and like left extreme, an extraneous role for him, left very good parties, especially in the Champions League.

Ferran Torres: Of more to less

The season for the 'Shark' began with a lot of doubts, ones that were disappearing thanks to his goals and to his personality in key moments, but the reality is that they went back to reappear. The forward lesionó in one of the worst moments that could do it and after that did not go back to be the same player that in the first-half yes that knew ilusionar to many with the ease that showed to find with the rival goal.

Joao Félix: The inconstancia is his constant elder

The career of the luso has been marked almost in his whole by not being able to have proof regarding good performances in spite of all the minutes that has available, and in the Barça has not been the exception. It began very well, being headline by several months, but little by little was 'turning off' and an injury of ankle separated him definitively to be an important player for Xavi. Raphinha Moved him away of the XI and although had key goals, as in front of the Athletic, the Port wine or the Cádiz, his season will be more remembered by not being able to, once again, be a constant player on the field.

Vitor Roque: An incógnita

The analysis of the Brazilian has to base in what it has seen in the field, but the reality is that it has been very little. Only 353 minutes for the forward, almost all in the last chamber of hour of the parties, although his two goals yes that showed in a moment the capacity that has to find the necessary spaces in the area. With the exit of Xavi his future could change dramatically, but for now remains clear that has remained short to be able to have a clearer verdict.

Marc Guiu: Another hope of the Masia

The '9' culé complete the group of canteranos culé that have appeared this season to be an alternative of the first team. His goal in front of the Athletic Club the past year, less than half minute after having gone in to the field, converted him quickly in another name to take into account for the future of the entity, something that reaffirmed with other positive performances what received the opportunity. It closed the course with many less minutes of the expected, but helping a lot to the filial in his attempt to achieve the automatic promotion to Second.

Robert Lewandowski: The goleador of the Barça

The Pole replaced to a first-half of season that directly was bad and further to be again the goleador of the Barcelona team, left big performances in moments in which the team needed of his '9'. It left to a side the factor of his age to be always very decisive inside the area and even closed the campaign with a target that allowed him go in in the podium of the Pichichi, a data that can not be forgotten if we take into account that in the first turn was very far of the level that had showed in the 22/23.

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