The sportive mark celebrated to the big the fifth balloon of gold of the Argentinian

Adidas, on the Balloon of Gold of Messi: "Here to create"

Adidas, on the Balloon of Gold of Messi: "Here to create"

Published:12/01/2016 - 10:46h


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The prestigious sportive mark that sponsors Leo Messi, "Adidas", took advantage of the fifth Balloon of Gold of the big star of the Barcelona to initiate a promotional campaign under the lemma: "Messi is here to create". It launched a video that represents the first-half of the campaign

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The mark of sportive equipment "Adidas" took advantage of the achievement of the fifth Balloon of Gold of Leo Messi to begin a new promotional campaign that initiated with the launching of a video with the Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona like big leading.

Under the lemma "Messi is here to create", the prestigious mark wanted to do upsetting in that the greater weapon of the Barcelona star is without place to doubts the "creativity", something of what does gala in each party and that serves him to mark the difference regarding the rest of players of the world.

"It is his inquebrantable felt of faith in himself same what allows him create the unexpected and show skills never seen, but that millions try to copy. For Leo this attitude carries it each goal, each party and each record. Messi is here to create and adidas is the sportive mark for the creator", prays the press release with which "Adidas" has wanted to celebrate the new Balloon of Gold conquered by the "crack" of the Barça, surrendering as always to his feet.

"This fifth Balloon of Gold closes a 2015 that has been a big year for Leo. The Argentinian carried to his team to do with the League, the Glass, the UEFA Champions League, the World-wide of Clubs and the Supercopa of Europe, in addition to arriving until the final of the Glass America 2015 with Argentina", remembers "Adidas", that does echo in addition to a voice in off that appears in the video and imitates to the same Leo Messi, ensuring: "I am not here by the past, by the praises? I am not here by the celebrations, by the records". Messi is here to create, and at all more.

Messi: "I Am here to create"

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