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Barça plays more than the Champions League! Cabalas and scenarios to be in the Club World Cup

Published:8/04/2024 - 17:43h

Updated:8/04/2024 - 17:44h

FC Barcelona is seriously fighting to qualify for the 2025 Club World Cup, a task that, at first glance, does not seem easy due to the advantage that Atlético has in that regard. However, there are several options that allow the culé club to get excited about their classification

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The FC Barcelona still intact preserve his hopes to remain with the last contingent that Spain has for the new World-wide of Clubs of the FIFA that will contest of 15 June to 15 July 2025. It is necessary to remember that for this contest, that will celebrate each four years and will have the participation of 32 teams, the Real Madrid already has ensured his classification when having won the edition of the Champions League 2021-22. This leaves to the combined Spaniards with only an available square for this competition, which is contesting elbow to elbow between the Barça and the Athletic of Madrid.

Based in the ranking of the UEFA, that is the criterion used to classify to the European clubs in this international tournament, taking into account the results obtained in the League of Champions in the last four campaigns, the picture 'colchonero' aventaja to the cast culé by six points, with a punctuation of 65 in front of 59. Until the moment, the ones of Diego Pablo Simeone are those who are remaining with the last note, but what could do the FC Barcelona for revertir this situation?

The most attractive stage for the FC Barcelona

In the first place, it is important to understand how marks in this system. Each victory obtained sum two points to the ranking of the UEFA, whereas a tie adds a point. Equally, it awards an additional unit by each phase to which the team trascend. Based in these numbers, the stage more alentador for the Barcelonan square would be that the Athletic of Madrid was defeated in his two commitments against the Borussia Dortmund in chambers of Champions. In this case, the Madrilenian would not add more units.

Supposing that the 'rojiblancos' do not add any point, the most favourable for the Barcelona, although complicated, would be to win the two meetings of chambers against the Paris Saint-Germain, what would add him four additional points, arriving to a total of 63 points. Additional to the unit that obtains for trascending to the following phase, with what the Catalan cast would arrive to 64 points. To surpass to the Athletic, would owe, like minimum, win to the Germans in one of the duels of semifinals, reaching like this the 65 necessary units to leave backwards to the 'colchoneros'.

The stage more 'desalentador' for the Barcelona cast

However, this is not the only stage to consider, in fact, exist multiple options. Another context could be that the 'Atleti' win his two commitments against the Borussia Dortmund and advance to the semifinals, which would be quite desalentador for the FC Barcelona, since the Athletic would arrive to 70 points. Supposing that the ones of the City Condal also add five units winning his two clashes against the PSG, the brecha would keep on being of six points, with the Barça arriving to 64 points.

If both teams advance to the semis, will measure between them, what supposes that the Barcelonan picture would have to bet for surpassing to the 'rojiblancos' and even top like champion of the competition, what would award him a direct ticket to the World-wide of Clubs and would resolve all discussion, since in the supposed that the culés win to the Madrilenian in both commitments, would reach a maximum of 69 units, insufficient to surpass the hypothetical 70 points that already would have added the 'colchoneros'.

The others options to take into account for the classification of the Barça to the World-wide of Clubs

Another option, always considering that the FC Barcelona win his parties against the PSG and add five points, would be that the Athletic lose in one of his crosses, but advance to the following phase when winning the another meeting, adding like this three points and happening of 65 to 68 units. In this case, the Barça would arrive to 64, shortening the brecha of points. Ideally, triumphing in both clashes against the Athletic in the semifinals and advancing to the final, would reach 69 points and would surpass him without any discussion. Any another stage in the semis, in which the 'rojiblancos' obtain at least a point, would force to the Barcelona to impose in the final for rebasar in the ranking to the ones of the 'Cholo'.

Now, also it is necessary to evaluate the stages in which the FC Barcelona do not attain to win both duels, but, for example, triumph only in one and tie the another, adding like this only four additional units to which already has, what would result in 63 points. Of the same way, if the Athletic loses his two commitments against the Borussia Dortmund and remains deleted of the competition, still would have to recortar the brecha of two points. In this case, the Barcelona cast would need to win at least one of the parties of the semis against the Germans and empatar the another, trascending to the final to add an additional point and arrive to 67 units, with what would finish for leaving backwards to the Athletic, that when being deleted in consequence would not add more points.

Equally, it exists the context in which the culés add a victory and a tie, reaching a total of 63 points and the Athletic arrives to add points. In this sense, it is necessary to split from the idea that, for the moment, the 'colchoneros' can arrive at most to 70 points (if they win both meetings and advances of phase). Besides, it is the option that the 'Atleti' can win one and lose another and advance (68), triumph in one and lose another without advancing (67), or empatar one and lose another without advancing (66). In all these cases, the ones of the City Condal would be forced to obtain good results in the semis to be able to close the brecha of points.

And if the FC Barcelona loses one of his meetings against the PSG?

To close, the most complicated stage roots in that the FC Barcelona lose one of the meetings in front of the PSG, what would limit his total to 62 points, assuming that it win the another meeting and advance to the semis. In this point, would depend to a large extent of what do the Athletic, that even without adding more units, would follow aventajando to the combined Catalan by until three points, what would force to the ones of Xavi Hernández to add points in the semifinals and eventualmente advance to the final.

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