The secretary of state for the sport values the recent words of manuel valls

Cardinal does not see possible that the Barça play in France

Cardinal does not see possible that the Barça play in France

Published:28/10/2015 - 12:40h


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The secretary of State for the Sport and president of the Upper Council of Sports (CSD), Miguel Cardinal, has said that it seems him "absurd" the hypothesis that the Barça play in Tie it 1 of France in the case that Catalonia independice of Spain

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In an interview conceded to the daily "ACE", Miguel Cardinal has gone in to value the recent statements of Manuel Valls, prime minister of France, in which the politician of Barcelonan origin opened recently the door to the possibility that the FC Barcelona contest Tie it 1 of France in the case that Catalonia independice finally of Spain. I do not think that Valls have said this sentence, because what think the Governments is irrelevant in this point. It is necessary to respect the autonomy of the sport and the competitions do not organise them the Governments, but the federations".

"It is the European tradition from does more than a century. Therefore precisely the hypothesis, besides, seems me absurd. The championships organise to know who is the champion of the territory that gives name to the competition. In Portugal want to know who is the best of Portugal. In Italy, the best of Italy. And in France, the best of France", has thought Miguel Cardinal. The president of the CSD does not see to Josep Maria Bartomeu asking to Tie it 1 the entrance of the FC Barcelona.

"It does few weeks, Bartomeu affirmed, and think that in this case yes is spokesman of the majority opinion of his partners, that the club that chairs wishes to follow playing anyway the Spanish League, adding that it is where has done big the Barça (Bartomeu ensured it in an interview conceded to The Newspaper). It said that besides it has evidence that him it is the wish of all the Catalan teams. Already I affirmed that this approach, voluntarily or no, carries implicit a statement of the deep españolidad of the Barça".

"And I am safe that the French teams want to that they are the clubs of this country those who play the championship of France, because it seems them that the only notable to these effects is his nationality. It is not something that depend neither of the Government of France neither of the of Spain. It is the nature of the sport, the logic of the sport, and the escasísimas exceptions that exist precisely confirm the rule", has explained. And it signals differences between the case of the Barça and the one of the Monaco, that yes plays in Tie it 1. "It is timely to remember that the homologous of the gentleman Valls in Monaco until does few years had to have French nationality and today day keeps on being precise the query to the Government of France on the candidates, circumstance that does not admit parangón with the situation of the FC Barcelona".

Cardinal, finally, denies that the words of Valls can enturbiar the relations between the Spanish government and the French. "Have a glorious relation with the French Government, that has helped us a lot. For example, to achieve that it go back to have careers of horses in Spain and reopen The Zarzuela, preventing the ruin of an economic sector and of a lot of families".

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