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Covid: The interminable reductions in the wages of Real Madrid and Barcelona

Published:8/04/2021 - 15:23h

Updated:8/04/2021 - 17:30h

Real Madrid and Barcelona follow looking for the form to square the numbers in green whereas the players can be exposed to a new cut

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The news on vaccines, masks and disinfection abound whereas the football follows giving positive and avoiding the public in the stadiums, suffering of two strong hits: the pandemia and the economic virus. The accounts of the clubs follow falling of deafening form and neither the biggest save .

In Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona are constantly looking for the form to square the final numbers, recortando wages and doing accounts one and again, such as they have showed it both clubs in the last weeks through documents and announcements from distinct sectors with the agreements of the first teams.

For the Real Madrid the 18/19 finished with 283 million euros like costs by wages, whereas the 19/20, in the middle of the pandemia and the signings of Hazard, Mendy, Rodrygo, Jovic and Militao, rose to the 301 millions. You grieve there was opportunity, Florentino Pérez pactó a discount salarial with the members of the first team.

Said discount was equivalent to 10%, for a total of 35 millions that gave something of oxygen to the final accounts of the club, applied to the first teams of football and basketball by equal. In front of the politics of the club established previously, the increase that expected for this campaign goes through another discount that could be of 10% once again.

In the Barcelona the things do not walk of the all different although yes it is true that the economic situation already came in previous decline to the arrival of the pandemia. For the 19/20 the total budget established in 391 millions, that after a discount of 28 millions finished in 363 for the end of course.

Once it began the present 20/21, the Barcelona wanted to fix the reduction until the 228 million euros beginning with the bomb that left Tusquets when announcing that it existed the possibility that a lot of players could not earn the wage in a determinate point of the season, but between negotiations and understanding of the parts, the reduction of 122 million euros could give finally.

What comes for the 21/22

Of official way but dissembled and unofficial but very direct, knows that the work that has Laporta is immense of face to sanear the arks of the club, further of the income by digital material that pose and the sales that can concretise , since the restructuring that needs the club is considerable and arrives in very bad moment.

The continuity of Messi, the arrival of Haaland, Eric García, Depay, Wijnaldum or any another player is still in entredicho further of the sportive and the reduction for the next season can be quite big considering that for the moment, the pandemia is still in the street and can not obviar the absence of the public.

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