The fc barcelona gave no respite in any moment to river plate

Exhibition of the Barça to be champion of the world (0-3)

Exhibition of the Barça to be champion of the world (0-3)

Published:20/12/2015 - 15:32h


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The trident formed by Messi, Neymar and Suárez carried to the FC Barcelona to proclaim champion of the World-wide of Clubs of Japan 2015 with an authentic exhibition against River Plate, that showed more aggressiveness that good game. The "millionaires" always were to years light

River 0-3 FC Barcelona - Video summary and goals of the party
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The first minute of game of the final of the World-wide of Clubs 2015 between River Plate and FC Barcelona already left clear, from the beginning, the intentions of both teams. The "millionaires" began exerting an intense pressure of balloon on the possessions of the culés, infringiendo a high physical intensity and making two faults in little more than sixty seconds. The Barça, instead, looked for in the first place grease all his pieces through the possession of balloon for, little by little, go shutting to River Plate in his own field. The Argentinians, with the clear will to generate danger to the FC Barcelona going out to the counterattack, did not want however shut backwards and, in an alike style to the of the Ray Vallecano, presionaron with several footballers in the field typical of the Barça in search to steal the spherical in dangerous positions.

The Barcelona did not lose neither much less the nerves, but they followed combining between them when being conscious that, if they achieved to surpass the first line of pressure of River, the opportunities of goal would finish falling by his own weight. River Plate, besides, hardly could keep the high level of intensity with which jumped to the terrain of game of the International Yokohama Stadium, by what the time played in favour of a Barcelona rested to the hour to combine and trusted his style of game, being able to be also lethal to the against with Messi, Suárez and Neymar.

Few cards for the high intensity of River

In the minute 9 of party, Matías Kranevitter saw the first yellow cardboard of the party after a hard entrance on Leo Messi, the main aim of the entrances of the "millionaires". Almost each intentona to steal the balloon by part of River finished in fault or in a susceptible entrance of this, if it had not been by the initial permissiveness of the referee. Barovero, in the minute 11, suffered the consequences of an increasingly greased Barcelona: Leo Messi received a balloon of Iniesta to the edge of the rival area, controlled orienting the spherical and, of volley, connected a powerful shot saved by the put Argentinian with an authentic paradón.

The FC Barcelona was having every time of more possession of balloon, but to Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez cost them go in at stake, being very very marked with as minimum two men of River Plate every time that looked for a desmarque or received the ball. With the battle futbolística in the centre of the field, the defensive intensity of the "millionaires" was reducing progressively to the time that the Barça won in command, remaining this reflected so much in the control of the spherical as in the opportunities of goal. And it is that the culés, although they did not generate clear occasions, yes went approaching increasingly to the area of Barovero, causing that River delayed lines.

The Barça connects and Messi punishes

The party crossed some minutes of uncertainty in that everything seemed to stabilise. Also the conclusive game of River Plate. The Iranian referee Alireza Faghani forgave a clear card to Ponzio after a dangerous entrance to Sergio Busquets, whereas Neymar Jr had big difficulties to surpass to the lateral Market, in spite of being this much slower that the Brazilian. The Argentinians had any that another arrival with ending of the boots of Alario and Muslim, in easy shots so that Bravo cut across them without problems. The step of the minutes, besides, put of relief that Messi and Neymar still were not neither much less to the one hundred by one hundred physically.

The ones of Marcelo Gallardo seemed to interest to give patadas to Sergio Busquets and to the rest of players culés, conscious to have a lot of less quality in the boots that they. Busquets went back to suffer a hard entrance of Alario that it neither was punished with card, for despair of the bench of the FC Barcelona. This yes, River Plate would not save to fit a goal in the first-half. The Barça attained trenzar a good played combativa so that, after a centre of Alves and an assistance of head of Neymar Jr, Leo Messi marked almost falling and with the outside of the left boot, a golazo in front of which the reflections gatunos of Barovero remained disabled. Before the rest, Suárez had the opportunity to give the puntilla to River after a big pass in depth of Messi, but the Uruguayan was not fine and wasted the occasion of goal.

"Pichichi" Suárez sentences the final

The second half began with two changes by part of Marcelo Gallardo, that gave gone in to Struggle González and to Martínez to avoid the second yellow of Ponzio and give rest to an exhausto Dwells. River Plate followed practising his usual offensive pressure and looked for whenever had the possession of the balloon the goal of Claudio Bravo, although without sufficient capacity as for trenzar played elaborated that they generated serious danger to the Barcelona defence.

The Barça, by in front in the marker, yielded something of terrain to the "millionaires" with the will to kill the party to the counterattack, something that achieved in the minute 49. A big pass in depth of Sergio Busquets took disordered to River Plate and left entirely only to Luis Suárez in front of Barovero, beating the Uruguayan to the put Argentinian with a shot raso that happened between the legs of the archer and sentenced the final. The second goal did mella in the spirit of the players ofRiver , much more downcast in the pressure of balloon and less attentive to the hour to read the played of a FC Barcelona much more desahogado, with more freedom to develop his best football and follow putting in difficulties to the "millionaires".

Exhibition of game of the Barcelona and golazo of Suárez

The Barça followed having of clear opportunities of goal of the boots of the trident formed by Messi, Neymar and Suárez. Neymar Jr, in the 56, starred a spectacular eslalon in which it left of two contrary players in a played of fantasy that finished in a clear penalti of Balanta, although this was not pitado by the referee. The offensive game of the FC Barcelona remained increasingly patent with the alluvium of opportunities of the culés, and with River Plate that difuminó his defensive intensity and limited to float to the players of the Barça.

The frustration of the Argentinians remained reflected with an increase of the aggressiveness in his entrances, with a Market that won in more than an occasion the yellow but that went constantly forgiven by Faghani. The third goal only would do to sadden even more to the ones of Gallardo, but no to some fans of River Plate that followed encouraging in the terracings. And it is that, in the minute 68, a flawless centre of Neymar Jr was finished of head to perfection by Luis Suárez, that put his "particular" doublet in the party and consecrated even more like "Pichichi" of the World-wide of Clubs.

The only that could do River Plate during the twenty final minutes was to pursue shadow on the lawn of the International Yokohama Stadium. The Barcelona followed practising his game but, with the 0-3 in the marker, no longer looked for with so much ahínco the goal of Barovero, calmer in the final minutes. This yes, Bravo had time to make two incredible interventions to shots from out of the area of Alario and Driussi, luciéndose the Chilean. The culés slept little by little the meeting in the final minutes, proclaiming champion of the world with an impressive year 2015. Five titles to leave clear that the Barcelona keeps on being the clear dominador of the world-wide football.

Technical index card of the party: River Plate 0-3 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 3: Bravo; Alves, Hammered, Mascherano (Vermaelen, 80'), Alba; Rakitic (Sergi Roberto, 67'), Busquets, Iniesta; Neymar Jr (Mathieu, 88'), Luis Suárez and Messi.
River Plate, 0: Barovero; Market, Balanta, Maidana, Vangioni; Kranevitter, C. Sánchez, Viudez (Driussi, 56'), Ponzio (González, 45'); Muslim (Martínez, 45') and Alario.

Goals of the party: Leo Messi, 35'; Luis Suárez, 49'; Luis Suárez, 68'.
Referee: Alireza Faghani.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the final of the World-wide of Clubs of Japan 2015, contested in the International Yokohama Stadium.

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