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The reactions of the fans to Barça's new kit

Published:16/07/2020 - 12:00h

Updated:16/07/2020 - 12:00h

Barça presented a few days ago its new kit for the 2020-21 season. These are the first reactions of the fans to a shirt that changes style again

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The FC Barcelona presented his new equipación the past Tuesday, and already is almost list to confront to the season 2020-21. Leaving to a side the market of signings and several pending changes to level of club, the clothing to go back to struggle by the titles is defined and on sale, waiting for that correct some technical errors and present the always ilusionantes second and third version for the footballers.

The conclusions after the first debate of the fans is that the new T-shirt of the Barça likes a lot, something that no sucedió with the bet of Nike for the campaign 2019-20. The American multinational played it to him with a revolutionary design based in the pictures that to the followers did not finish them to convince. In cambo, the return to the vertical bands with blue colours, granate and golden himself has calado deep.

The discussion, this yes, keeps by a serious problem of production that has affected to his commercialisation. The recent rumours confirmed when the club admitted a problem in his official announcement, and concretised that the standard line, the 'Stadium', still is not available. The difference of prices with the 'Match', the one who dress the cracks and the only that for the time being can find, has mosqueado to more than one.

In spite of everything, the managers culés expect to solve soon this unforeseen and content to some followers ilusionados with the memories and the good vibrations that brings them this peculiar première. They are many those that already have gone through the Barça Store of the Camp Nou, those that will buy on-line and those that will visit the shops of Walk of Gracia, The Rock Village, Canaletas or the ones of the Airport of the Prat.

There is the one who already has decided by the Barcelona jewel, and the one who will expect to that the second and third equipación go out to the market. What also has thrilled to fans and experts are the models chosen for the presentation, since a sinfín of fans applauded the election of the captain Leo Messi like key figure for lucir an elastic so promising. The captain, year after year, is synonymous of triumphs and trophies.

The reactions of the fans to the T-shirt of the Barça

From 'FCBN' have recopilado some reactions of the terracing barcelonista to the new equipación of the Barça, that has caused feeling in the social networks. After the final sprint to the turn of the confinement, the first team, and all the categories of the club -so much masculine like feminine- will dress this new skin that has to bring so many successes as it is generating between the followers.

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