Jordi Mboula, after annotating a goal with the Juvenile of the FC Barcelona


Go up the clauses of rescission to avoid escapes in the quarry

Published:18/06/2017 - 11:58h

Updated:18/06/2017 - 11:56h

As it explains "Sportive World" in his edition of this Sunday, the FC Barcelona works to piecework to avoid that they produce more cases like the one of Mboula. The club wants to detain the escape of talent to the foreigner as it was

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It is important to avoid the escape of talent. Because no all the players cost for the first team, but neither has a lot of sense pay a millonada some years afterwards by youngsters that recently were in your rows. This has happened him to the Barça lately. And thus it wants to finish with this dynamics.

Still it is not official, but yes a fact that the Monaco already has deposited the 3 million euros of the clause of rescission of Jordi Mboula, that will be footballer of the monegasque club the next 5 seasons. One of the greater perlas of the quarry that will change of airs. And it is that after speaking with several members of the club, "thinks that is the best for his future". Something fails here. 

This Sunday "Sportive World" informs that the Barcelona club wants to detain this type of cases and that the measure that will implement to achieve it is to go up the clause of rescission, that by this age is fixed for all the players in these 3 millions that has paid the Monaco.

The club would not have specified the figure of this increase, but yes would be significant to protect this ease of the big of Europe to carry the juvenile with more potential of the Farm. Work during several years with them and that go to price of cost is not a profitable business. 

Mboula Did not see future in the Camp Nou

The big problem of the Barça no longer is only that his promises go of the club. The big what roots in why take this decision. As it explained the "Chain Be" this week, Mboula would have done several queries to players, familiar surroundings and of the club to finish of autoconvencerse.

And all answered him the same: "Salt from here if you want to play minutes and improve". In the last years very few players of the quarry have been able to settle in the first team. Perhaps Roberto is the only example. Munir, Sandro, Samper, Adama... All have left . 

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