The trainer of the bayern reveals that it was carles puyol the one who insisted him every day because it renewed

Guardiola Reveals who insisted for renewed with the Barça

Guardiola Reveals who insisted for renewed with the Barça

Published:7/11/2015 - 11:26h


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The current technician of the Bayern of Munich stands out that there was a player in the changing room of the FC Barcelona that insisted him every day, in key of humour, so that it renewed with the group blaugrana. The one of Santpedor also affirmed that this is the best Bayern since it arrived

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All the world recuerdalas tortuous negotiations between Josep Guardiola and the FC Barcelona each season to achieve that the Catalan finish renewing his agreement by the Barça, until a day did not do it. Something that seems is repeating in Germany after concluding his three agreed seasons from the start with the Bayern of Munich. It is thus that the German press and to the fans exasperate before achieving the definite "himself, want" of Guardiola.

Something that, as it says , in Can Barça knows at first hand. A lot of months happened the fans expecting the definite himself, the same that his own footballers. In his last interview to "Sport Bild", Guardiola speaks on a player of the staff that insisted him every day in that it renewed. That was the eternal captain Carles Puyol. "Yes, Puyol insisted me each day in that it followed", affirmed the one of Santpedor in tone of humour.

Something like what has done the captain of the group muniqués Philip Lahm. Lahm Was, according to Guardiola, the person that more helped him from his arrival to the Bayern to transmit his philosophy internally to the group. It is thus that is not of extrañar that was the favourite of Pep, although never it admit it officially. His arrival to the Allianz Sand was a very strong change due to the fact that from the own club has questioned him intern and exteriormente. It is thus that has taken, as it affirms, three season in achieving to his Bayern.

?This is the best Bayern of my stage here. It is our third together years. I have needed this time (to give him my stamp). In the two first years when conquering the four titles had the impression that it was merit of Heynckes, of his mentality. Our form of game was not good, but now is much better?, it confirms a Guardiola that follows enfrascado in the negotiations pro his renewal that will have to arrive before the month of December, date tope marked by the German directive.

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