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Hard communiqué of the Barça in reply to the threats of the UEFA

Published:8/05/2021 - 12:51h

Updated:8/05/2021 - 12:53h

The Barça, together with the Real Madrid and the Juventus have made public a communiqué in which they hint that continue receiving pressures by part of the UEFA, that to his time consider like intolerable. Likewise, they do a called to the dialogue between the actors involved

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In front of the statements of Aleksander Ceferin announcing a possible veto to the FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus, that did not desist in his attempt to create a Superliga European, the clubs involved have gone out in self-defense against a posture that tildan of "unacceptable" by part of the maximum organism of the European football.

They ensure that the pressures that receive the team, included to day of today, when the project has remained desestimado, are "intolerable" and do a called to the dialogue in search of a favourable exit for both parts in pro of a mutual recognition and by the sustainability of the football in the continent.

In this sense, demand respect to the institutions, the partners and the fans that, in accordance with the impulsores of a Superliga, have been taken in account for the creation of a more attractive tournament, what to his time would suppose a greater source of income for the teams.

To continuation, the whole communiqué

In relation with the communiqué issued on 7 May by UEFA regarding the Superliga and the position adopted by 9 of his clubs founders, the Football Club Barcelona, the Juventus of Turín and the Real Madrid Club of Football manifest the following:

·(i) Lyou clubs founders of the Superliga have received —and continue receiving— pressures, threats and offences so that they abandon the project and his responsibility and right to contribute solutions to the ecosystem of the football through concrete proposals fruit of the constructive dialogue. This is unacceptable in a state of right and the Courts already have pronounced on the project of the Superliga ordering to FIFA and UEFA, with rotundity, that abstain while it transacts the judicial procedure, directly or through his entities affiliated, to make any performance that can penalise to the clubs founders or that go against the Superliga, recognising in this way the appearance of good right of said initiative.

·(ii) The project of the Superliga was designed of conjoint form by his 12 clubs founders:

To. With the object to contribute solutions to the unsustainable situation that crosses at present the family of the football; the 12 clubs founders, as well as diverse actors of the European football, have showed his deep worry in front of the current coyuntura socioeconomic, considering that resulta indispensable undertake structural reforms allocated to guarantee the sustainability of our sport. Thus, the past 18 April, the 12 clubs founders announced his will to create the Superliga and to establish a channel of communication with UEFA and FIFA, with a constructive spirit and of collaboration between the parts, as it was them notified in said date;

b. From the maximum respect to the current structures of the football and his ecosystem; in this sense, the clubs founders agreed on purpose that the Superliga only would take place if said competition resulted recognised by UEFA and/or FIFA or if, in virtue of the applicable juridical legislation, was recognised like a compatible competition to all the effects with the continuity of the clubs founders in his respective national competitions. However, and in spite of being connoisseurs of said terms, UEFA and FIFA have rejected to establish channel of communication adapted any; and

c. To contribute financial stability to all the family of the European football, at present affected by a deep crisis that looms the survival of a lot of clubs; sample of this, the commitment assumed by the Superliga to credit annual payments of solidarity that multiply materialmente the offered by UEFA, and the obligation to reinforce the rules of financial sustainability by means of the creation of a system of clear control, transparent and effective verified by experts.

(iii) The Superliga was understood by the 12 clubs founders like an only opportunity to offer to the fans of all the world the best possible show and increase the global interest by the sport, that confronts to new tendencies generacionales that loom his future. On the other hand, also it had like paramount object impulsar the feminine football to global level, a historical opportunity for his promotion.

·(iv) Are fully conscious of the diversity of reactions, in very diverse fields, that has produced the initiative of the Superliga and, in consequence, of the need of reflexionar on the reasons that have generated said reactions and reconsider the approach proposed in what it result necessary. However, we incurred in a grave irresponsibility if, being conscious of the needs and crisis sistémica of the sector of the football, circumstance that carried us to announce the Superliga, abandoned our mission to contribute effective and sustainable solutions and answers to the questions that loom to the football

·(v) Regret deeply that our friends and partners founders of the project of the Superliga find immersed in an incoherent posture —and inconsistente— after assuming in the day of yesterday some commitments with UEFA. However, since the material problems that carried to the 12 clubs to announce the Superliga does some weeks have not disappeared, reiterate that, by respect to our history, by our responsibility in front of our partners and fans, by the financial sustainability of the sport and for the sake of the football, have the duty to act with responsibility and of perseverar in the research of solutions, in spite of the unacceptable pressures and threats that continue receiving of UEFA.

·(I saw) In conclusion, we reiterate in front of FIFA, UEFA and all the actors of the football, as we already have done in diverse occasions from the announcement of the Superliga, our commitment and firm will to debate, from the owed respect, without pressures of the all intolerable and with respect to the State of Right, the most appropriate solutions for the sustainability of all the family of the football.

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