The international French criticised to his seleccionador domenech by not to say him why does not summon him after winning it almost everything with the fc barcelona

Important "rajada" of Mathieu to his seleccionador Deschamps

Important "rajada" of Mathieu to his seleccionador Deschamps

Published:19/01/2016 - 21:57h


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The Barcelona defender regretted that his trainer did not summon him for the last friendly parties of the selection of France. "Deschamps Does not have to 50 players that play in the team that has won it all", him espetó Mathieu to the seleccionador Frenchman

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The defence of the FC Barcelona Jeremy Mathieu wanted to ask him an explanation to his seleccionador Didier Deschamps by not to summon it for the last commitments of the selection gala of face to the preparation of France for the Eurocopa of this summer. Mathieu spoke of this and of the euphoria that feels for playing in a club like the Barça during the interview that conceded to "".

?Deschamps Does not have to 50 players that play in the Barcelona, the team that has won it everything. Therefore simply I want a conversation, an explanation; at all more. If it calls me and it says me that I am bad, or that it would have to play a bit more, would understand it. Simply I ask this, at all more. Never I have claimed at all. If I do not have my place, there is not any problem. From the 17 years, always have respected the decisions of my trainers and have not changed?, it commented.

In a more cheerful tone, speech on the FC Barcelona and all the titles achieved in this year and half that carries in the club. ?The things advance quickly. It did not expect me this when arriving, but came to Barcelona also for this. This year, we have attained practically the plenary, and am very happy for forming part of this team?, it reviewed the footballer for the half on-line.

It did not want to leave the interview without before add that ?This team is achieving to go in in the history?, as ?I think that we will go us darse little by little and maybe, when they happen theyear s, will go back to speak of this. Now it costs us be conscious that we are doing something historical?. The Frenchman stood out the good environment inside the changing room, where ?In the trainings all is enjoy, pranks and good roll?, and it concludes his relate affirming that his mates follow being hungry of victories.

?The players of this team follow being hungry of new challenges; they carry the winning instinct in the blood. I also have wanted to win always. I have gone through clubs where was more complicated to win titles; but I have gone doing my career little by little. I have arrived to the Barcelona to an age advanced. It is the fruit of my work, and think that these titles are deserved. We enjoy, this is the essential and the titles arrive at the same time that the enjoy. What more can ask ??, it concluded.

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