The midfield player is doubt for the party in front of colombia and does not know  as it will arrive to the classical

Javier Mascherano suffered a contracture in the meeting in front of Brazil

Javier Mascherano suffered a contracture in the meeting in front of Brazil

Published:15/11/2015 - 09:37h


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The Barcelona midfield player suffered a contracture in the last party with his selection and is serious doubt to confront to Colombia the next week. In case to force the machine the FC Barcelona could pay the consequences and lose to the "jefecito" in front of the Real Madrid

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

The Argentinian midfield player of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano suffered, as it informs the Argentinian newspaper "Olé", a contracture in the party that his selection contested in front of Brazil in Buenos Aires and that finish with result of tie to one. The footballer abandoned the terrain of jeugo contrariado by the final marker and also by his physical problems that him mermaron during the crash.

That's why his presence in the next meeting that Argentinian has to contest in Colombia in front of the combined local peligra enough. Mascherano Has the very loaded legs and force to play in front of the "cafeteros" could give with the player lesionado during a high time, what would do to lose the next crash that confronts to the FC Barcelona with the Real Madrid.

It is thus that in front of the situation, the medical services of the club as well as the tecnicos are to the espectativa of what suceda in the next meeting of the selection albiceleste. In front of the fault of Messi "Masche" knows that has an extra responsibility on the lawn, where is captain and soul of his. This inducement could do to the própio player force it machine.

But his drop would be a hard setback for Luis Enrique of face to the importantísimo meeting of 21 November in front of the Real Madrid. The same hardness that for an Argentinian mancada of a solid leader if it is not he in the field. In the next days will see as it evolves and if all remains only in a simple fright.

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