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Koeman On the threats of Ceferin: "it Is thing of the UEFA, I am slope of the calendar"

Published:24/04/2021 - 14:03h

Updated:24/04/2021 - 18:50h

Ronald Koeman has manifested to not to see affected by the possible consequences that could confront the club by part of the UEFA after the fallido attempt to subscribe to the Superliga European

Calendar of FC Barcelona

With the emphasis of Koeman in going "party to party", the FC Barcelona already prepares of face to the crash in front of the 'yellow submarine', in the Stadium of the Ceramics, one of the most complicated appointments in the straight final of the championship that has to the Barcelona in a hard fight against the Athletic and the Madrid, and even to the Seville, that promises big emotions until the last day.

The Villarreal leaves seventh in the classification in the fight by a place to the Europe League, where at present is for contesting the semifinals in front of the Arsenal, in a duel that seems to evoke the meeting that took place in 2006 by the Champions, in which they won the gunners, but finally would have to the Barça of Rijkaard like champion.

Thus, the Dutch does not trust in spite of the conclusive victory of the Barça in the previous party: "it Is truth that has happened enough time. It plays very well to football with people on top of a lot of quality and are showing in Europe be a strong team. Until the Thursday have time to prepare this party in front of the Arsenal. It is an interesting party the one of morning".

It sustains that it treats of a transcendental party in function of the aspirations of the club to close the season with a doublet: "we Know that they are missing us seven parties and for us, as for the others three from above, have to win. If you do not win, will have fewer options to conquer LaLiga. This is very clear".

Nevertheless, after being questioned on this, ensured that it is not the most important party of here until the ending of the tournament: "I do not create, each party has his difficulty. A lot it depends on we same. We can if we are the energy. There are a lot of difficulties for all the teams. There is few that do not play at all. The rival plays well to the football".

Likewise, it required that it is necessary to do some adjust to avoid the occurred in the first part in front of the Getafe: "I Know what happened him to the team. We analyse it and with more images saw that it is not a problem of attitude but a tactical subject when had balloon. I do not know why we change four defences playing from backwards. With Umtiti went back to play with three. With images have showed where did things badly".

Koeman Does not concern by the calendar neither the threats of the UEFA

Although it has indicated that his complaints on overloads it of some of his players have not been listened: "It Is necessary to accept it but have not seen any change in spite of my criticisms", also has manifested that this does not suppose some worry for him: "they do not concern me the minutes of several players but recover very well and train little. We do the maximum of recovery split that they can begin the parties".

Neither it has very clear if it prefers to play before or after already his rivals have done it, so that it can be to the so much of the result: "I do not know if it is better to play first or no that the rest but removing the last days, play before or afterwards does not matter me so much. If the other win, have to do it but this pressure already exists for this club in all the senses".

In his opinion, the threats by part of Ceferin do not affect him neither divert it of his aim, that is to continue preparing each party to follow adding in the fight by LaLiga: "it does not go to change a lot but do not go to speak a lot. It is thing of the UEFA and I am slope of the calendar".

There is not a clear favourite to win LaLiga

When being consulted on his rivals in the fight by the championship, Koeman has adveetido that any one of the teams has possibilities: "I do not see a stronger team that the others. Athletic, Madrid and Seville are winning a lot of parties. The advantage is that have a party in front of the Athletic and can win them and they to us. It will be a fight until the last day. It is for any one of the four. Almost it can not fail. I do not know how many points but it is necessary to take out many".

The role of Dembélé after his recovery

Although the French has evolved positively, is not sure on if it will go out to the field for the next party, although it does not occur the same with other two lesionados: "Dembélé has options to play. Coutinho And Ansu carry more time lesionados of the thought at the beginning and can not say if they will be able to play some day this season". However, it expects to have he: "it Is a different player, of the more desequilibrantes. It can dribble and arrive with the two legs. It is an important player. It has given us a lot this season and is important that was tomorrow".

It keeps the confidence of Laporta

In front of the questions on his continuity, ensured that for the moment it follows linked to the Barça, at least until Laporta decide to put end to his relation with the club: "As I have said before, the president has showed me his support and confidence until it do not say the contrary, follows saying this. In principle, I see me like trainer the next season. Have agreement and if it is not like this, tend that speak".

It added that his management in the bench has the support of a good team of work: "All those that are in the staff are working very well. It is a staff new. Never it had worked with Alfred, neither with Larsson, Albert Rock and De la Fuente . And on Alfred, is Dutch and to the Dutch likes them always a by an offensive game. It was in the Ajax with Have Hag, that has an alike style to the of the Barça. And it has learnt a lot of Nagelsmann and he puts the ideas here. Afterwards we take the decisions".

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