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Koeman is sincere: his heart attack, the pandemic, his arrival at Barça...

Published:24/12/2020 - 14:54h

Updated:24/12/2020 - 19:07h

Ronald Koeman, technician of the FC Barcelona, has conceded an interview to the official magazine of the club in which it has sincerado in numerous personal subjects

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The arrival of Ronald Koeman to the FC Barcelona produced in some exceptional circumstances, with a world-wide pandemia of by half and after a sportive situation very complicated after the season in white of the Barcelona team to the orders of Ernesto Valverde or Quique Setién. In an interview for the Magazine Barça, Ronald Koeman analysed sportive subjects, but also personal.

In the first place, Ronald Koeman analysed what supposes not being able to have the support of the public of the Camp Nou during the parties. "There I played a lot of parties, a lot of important parties where always had the help of the public and now do not have it, no only we, also the rest of the teams, because all have these difficulties with the Covid", said.

The technician of the FC Barcelona explained the big change that supposes to play with the empty terracings. "The subject of the Covid also has been new for me, and costs me. Yes, yes that it notices . It costs especially in the parties home, because in a so big field, that there are not people, does it more complicated for the player. After a time perhaps are more accustomed to play without public, but think that every time that a player jumps to the field where there is not at all of environment, where listens everything, is something rare..., it is missing you a lot the environment", commented.

By his part, Ronald Koeman happened the coronavirus although his symptoms were not so grave like the ones of other patients. "We have a bad time in the sense that it did not find me well, found me very tired, had fever, at night was worse, but was not very grave. But yes it had the feeling of not being well, to feel me tired", explained.

"Maybe if we had not had the Covid-19, would have had to expect some years more to arrive to the Barça"

Ronald Koeman spoke also of problems of heart that had does some months. "It is truth that when they happen you things like this, or that have people to your side that have been patients, the life changes a bit. In my case, with the small infarct that had, there are things that surely think a bit different. Perhaps the opportunity to be able to train to the Barça was now or never. Already I have 57 years, already does a lot of years that am trainer, neither want to finish training with 70 years. The moment was now", affirmed.

Besides, the technician culé explained why refused to train to the FC Barcelona the past month of January. "When they called me in January to ask me if had interest in coming said that being missing four or five months for the Eurocopa could not leave the selection. In March, when we knew that we did not go to play the Eurocopa, my personal situation with Holland changed, because who had said me that in summer yes that there would be a Eurocopa normal, with public, in different countries..., the situation has changed, and maybe if we had not had the Covid-19 would have had to expect some years more", signalled.

It regretted, besides, the death of his ex mate Tony Bruins. "When we were together training to the Ajax in 2003, memory very that had the moment in that they found him the cancer of prostate. It has carried it 17 years well, but always has had to live with his illness, doing chemotherapy..., and I have seen it go down in the physical subject. Always we went speaking, went to eat, visited it to his house..., always it has given me councils with the rivals, with the players, but lately was quieter and knew why, but did not think that it was so near of the end. They are things very difficult to accept, but think that it did not have a life as it had to live it a person to his age. For all the family was a situation complicated and sad, but think that at the end was the best for Tony", added.

His signing by the FC Barcelona

It explained also how they carried his signing by the FC Barcelona his woman, Bartina, and his children Debbie, Tim and Ronald: "Well, in the Barça whenever it needed a trainer my name has sounded, by part of the Club, of the people, but also on my part, because I have said many times that for me was a dream can train to the Barcelona. Now I had the opportunity, and so much my woman like my children knew that I am delighted, even they prefer to live here before that in Holland, so it is not an only sportive subject, also is a subject of life, always have found us as home, but especially they knew that for me has been to make a big dream. No, especially because had the dream to train to the Barcelona. I think that neither you can expect the moment that all work well. If a team has very good results, a team does not change of trainer. Whenever there is a change is because the people is not happy, because the team does not win..., I do not know if I have been brave, think that any trainer that has the opportunity to come, says "go!". By the affection of the people, by the affection of the Club, by my personal relation... I know well the Club, know to the people, was six years like player and a year and half like assistant of Go Gaal , knew that it was a moment complicated, with important changes in the Club, but am the trainer, have to play well and win the parties, the rest can not it control".

"Had the dream to train to the Barcelona"

It answered also to if be a legend of the club was decisive for his signing. "Any trainer that arrives to a club like the Barça has to win so that the people was happy. Claro that you can have a good name, what have done before like player, but finally what explains are the parties, are the titles and the things that win. If you see my career like trainer, well, in Holland yes, but in a lot of other cases as with the Benfica, Valencia or the Everton and the Southampton in England, was not in teams very big that aspired to everything. Now also I have to me win to the people and have darse# cuenta that the things do not come easily. I think that it is necessary to take decisions, it is necessary to do changes, it is necessary to give confidence, it is necessary to give opportunities to the youngsters and it is necessary to value after a time. One has to work and show like trainer that is valid for this club", manifested.

Also it is important, for Ronald Koeman, be faithful to one same. "It is very important, because the best is to have confidence in you same, think how want to carry the things and be faithful to you same because, at the end, if you lose your charge and have changed, is a bit harder. The important is to look for a line, have people to your side with which can argue on decisions that have to take, but if it is a line have to follow it. Also it is a clear message for the players. If have a trainer that today is black and tomorrow is white, like this do not arrive. If I lose, I lose by my things and by my philosophy", sentenced.

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