Malcom, regretting after an opportunity failed in Ipurua


Malcom loses the just spark when the Barça more needs him

Published:19/05/2019 - 21:11h

Updated:19/05/2019 - 21:11h

Malcom went back to show, this Sunday against the Eibar, that has lost the spark. The Brazilian attacker did not mark the differences in Ipurua, something that comes being usual in the last weeks. It is not taking advantage of some opportunities of gold

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In front of the drops of Ousmane Dembélé, Luis Suárez and Philippe Coutinho, Ernesto Valverde saw forced to throw of Malcom, the same that in the last days. The Brazilian was to title in the forward beside Leo Messi in an odd position for him. It was a theorist 'false 9', the same that the Argentinian, but did not finish to start and no saw him comfortable in this place.

The ex of the Girondins of Burdeos, in fact, carries several parties without giving his best level and has not taken advantage of the opportunities that has given him the 'Txingurri' in front of the plague of injuries. With east of Eibar, is the third meeting been still in the one who is headline. First it went against the Celtic of Vigo, just after the achievement of the title of League, later in front of the Getafe and now in Ipurua.

In any of the three crashes has been fine and has contributed the speed, the desborde and the spark that yes gave in other moments of the season. It has not been a good year for him, but in punctual moments has surrendered to good level and has showed can be a valid footballer for the Barcelona group. His goal and his partidazo against the Real Madrid in 'semis' of Glass, his goal against the Villarreal or his good minutes against the Athletic of Madrid are examples that the carioca can give more.

In front of so much injury, was his moment to give a hit on of the table and say "here am I", but for the moment no has seen him . Against the Eibar no desbordó practically any time, did not touch too much the balloon and in attack wasted the only occasion that had by fear to define he same. It remained him the balloon in his bad leg and decided to look for to Hammered in the second stick. His pass was very bad and the played finish in at all.

His performance was being so grey that Ernesto Valverde decided to change him when they remained little more than 15 minutes for the end. It went in the canterano Carles Pérez, that did not do it worse that he. The 'Txingurri', perhaps, also substituted him thinking in the final of the Glass of Rey, in which it aims to title against Valencia.

Malcom aims to title in the final

With Luis Suárez totally offside and with Ousmane Dembélé almost descartado, Malcom has all the ballots to split of start in the final of Glass in front of the valencianistas. Coutinho himself Could arrive, but neither is safe, with what in the worst of the cases even could play in the same place that this Sunday in front of the Eibar. It was as it was, the Barcelona needs him and he has to take a step forward if for real it wants to remain in Can Barça to triumph.

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