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Messi confesses his preferences regarding trainers

Published:26/12/2020 - 18:52h

Updated:26/12/2020 - 18:52h

Lionel Messi has conversed with Jordi Évole, journalist of The Sixth, with the one who has confessed regarding distinct circumstances

Calendar of FC Barcelona

One of the most expected moments of these last days of the year is the one of the reveladora interview of Lionel Messi with Jordi Évole, which will go out this Sunday, after the 21:25 hours. In her, the Argentinian star will explain how were the days in which it announced his intention to go out of the FC Barcelona, as well as his actuality in the club and his plans to future.

In one of the advances that have gone out on the interview, asked him to the Argentinian on which has been the best technician that has had during his career in the Barcelona. It fits to remember that Messi debuted of the hand of Frank Rijkaard and afterwards lived his more glorious years to the orders Pep Guardiola. Later, it was trained by Tito VIillanova, Gerardo "The Tata" Martino, Luis Enrique, Ernesto Valverde, Quique Setién and at present, by Ronald Koeman.

The election of Messi was quite clear, since, on his preferences on his technicians, went the following: "Pep has something special, does you see the things of a way: how it prepared the meetings, defensivamente, how attack... It said you exactly where it was the party, how it was necessary to attack to win. I had the bad luck, between comillas, that had long to Guardiola and to Luis Enrique, the two better. Have them so followed and so fast did that I grew a lot of in the futbolístico and in the sabiduría tactical that taught me they".

Messi spoke on the difficult moments

The captain of the FC Barcelona also conversed on the current moments that has lived in the club, especially by the difficulty that has crossed all the surroundings culé. In this sense, the Argentinian commented him to Évole the following: "For the time being I am well. It is truth that happened it very bad in summer. It came of before. What happened before the summer, by how finished the season, the burofax and all this... Afterwards I dragged it a bit to the beginning of the season, but for the time being am well. I find me with you win to litigate seriously by all what have by in front. I find me ilusionado. I know that the entity is going through a moment complicated, to level of club and of team, and does difficult all what surrounds the Barcelona but am with win".

The future of the rosarino keeps on being an incógnita and there are a lot of factors that can do that the same vary in question of second. Between the clubs that have interested in his signing, the presidential elections of the Barcelona and the current performance of the staff, only remains to expect to see what finishes sucediendo with the permanence or the course of the maximum idol of the Barcelona history.

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