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What would have said Alemany on the discount salarial in the Barcelona

Published:3/04/2021 - 14:27h

Updated:3/04/2021 - 14:27h

The new director of the Barcelona would have exposed in a private meeting with the new managerial the need that the club go reducing his mass salarial

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Afterwards to having passed ten days of the first meeting in the Blunt Room of the Camp Nou, the board of the Barcelona chaired by Joan Laporta went back to gather the past Tuesday to leave smart the new organisation chart of the directive and that will be composed by two vice-presidents more. These are: Antonio Escudero the one who will be vice-president of the Social Area and Juli Guiu the one who will commission of the Area of Marketing.

The meeting in question, began to the 2 of the afternoon and lasted more than three hours. The directors ate in the meeting room and in addition to arguing on the distribution of the charges of the directive, the board put to the day with the actuality of the club in the economic appearance, as well as the sportive and structural. More still afterwards of the exit of Albert Soler and Román Gómez Ponti.

The directive had foreseen to go analysing other subjects of the information that left the managing board, but emplazaron to next meetings. To the summit assisted the new CEO in replacement of Òscar Grau, Ferran Reverter, in addition to the new director of football, Mateu Alemany, that were present in the meeting.

Of agreement to informations revealed in the program You diràs' of RAC1, Reverter would have confirmed that the economic situation of the square culé is delicate, giving details of unexpected variables in some operations, although it did not want to specify which operations did a called to keep the calm.

The new director of the group culé (Alemany), analysed the sportive moment in which it finds the first team at present. This yes, did not arrive to pronounce names of signings or sales. For the moment, the main aim of the managerial is to recess the mass salarial. They ensure the same sources that Alemany said that they would be "brave" to the hour to take decisions on the subject in question.

The debt and the pandemia

The Barcelona, just now, has an enormous economic debt, the same keeps to the combined that now it directs Laporta in an enormous financial crisis worsened by the crisis of the coronavirus. To finals of the month of January, knew that the Barcelona owed total of 1.173 million euros, of which were in the obligation to pay 730 millions in the short term and average term. Of this figure, a total of 322 millions corresponded to pending payments with other teams of Europe.

Of that mount also appear 265 millions in debts with entities of credit, 2.5 million euros in obligations and other negotiable values, 164 millions in debts with the sportive personnel and 298 in other no specified concepts.

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