Sanchís And Corner go back to accuse to Neymar of provocador

Sanchís And Corner go back to accuse to Neymar of provocador

Published:29/11/2015 - 17:54h


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Those who went does years players of the Real Madrid, Manolo Sanchís and Poli Corner, went back to star some controversial statements in which they defended once again the aggressive patada of Isco Alarcón to Neymar during the second part of the Classical of the Bernabéu

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In statements conceded during an interview been supported by Paco González in the Chain COPE, the ex players of the Real Madrid Manolo Sanchís and Poli Corner did not rectify neither much less in the controversial words that pronounced after the violent patada of Isco to Neymar in the Classical that cost him to the player of the Real Madrid the direct red card. Both ex footballers follow defending that it treated of a normal "reaction" of the of Benalmádena in front of the constant provocations of the Brazilian star of the FC Barcelona, that the only that did was to dribble him.

"I what said go back it to say: it is not the first time that Neymar does not know to handle the temperature of a party and finish creating a conflict. The other day I said that had taken care because his attitude was creating a problem. It is what think, because this type of behaviours do not tolerate them in anybody. I have had to it hold in the terrain of game. And although a patada can not justify, the attitude of Nerymar was not the suitable and therefore no only had problems with Isco. This problem goes it to have more times", ratified Manolo Sanchís on the subject.

On the other hand, Corner also was direct and cutting with his statements. "I reaffirm me in what I said the other day and do not go to change at all. To Cristiano Ronaldo criticised him because in a 1-3 in front of the Barça with the Real Madrid gave him with the shoulder and criticised him . I do not go to rectify neither an apex. It is necessary to be here down when they do you the taconcito, and if I am hot...".

It fits to remember that the past 21 November, just after the Classical, Manolo Sanchís starred some controversial statements on the patada of Isco Alarcón to Neymar Jr. "Neymar That have taken care because it is going too far, too few is carrying ". Poli Corner, by his part, corroborated the posture of Sanchís being even more conclusive. "If I am here I hit him, do not have any doubt that I hit him. I and any one".

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