The Uruguayan forward wished them the best to his two mates in the fc barcelona read messi and neymar júnior of face to the balloon of gold 2015

Suárez wished the best to Messi and Neymar for the Balloon of Gold

Suárez wished the best to Messi and Neymar for the Balloon of Gold

Published:11/01/2016 - 17:29h


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The Uruguayan forward published a photography in his account of Twitter personal in which it wished him the best to his mates Messi and Neymar in the gala of the Balloon of Gold 2015 since "they are big for real". In spite of having done merits, Suárez was not in the final beside them

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The Uruguayan forward of the FC Barcelona Luis Suárez wished him the best to his mates and fellow Neymar Júnior and Lionel Messi in the gala FIFA of the Balloon of Gold 2015 in which pugnan together with Cristiano Ronaldo for the prize of better player of the world. The "gunman" went back to show the good "roll" that there is between the three Barcelona attackers with his message through the social network Twitter.

"Enjoy fellow, are big for real Leo Messi and Neymar", wrote the charrúa in the message published in his personal account. The photography that the attacker used to send the message was taken in the training of the morning of the Monday, just before the footballer travelled to Zurich to be presents in the contest.

One of the big injustices of this gala of the FIFA roots in that precisely the nine blaugrana have not been between the three better of the world, in spite of his spectacular 2015, neither neither have gone in in the eleven ideal chosen by the maximum world-wide organisation. Perhaps to the player still penalise him his action on Giorgio Chiellini in the last World-wide, as there is not another reason not to have him, neither if it want to, nominated.

The 2015 of Luis Suárez has been really spectacular in what it does to goals, to game and to the show offered together with his two mates Messi and Neymar. Besides, the explosive form with which began this season has carried him to explain already with 26 goals with his team, being the maximum goleador blaugrana in all the competitions. Of good safe that, although it have not been recognised publicly, his mates and all the Barcelona fans have left him clear with his messages of support that for them yes is the best leading centre of the world.

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