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They fulfil ten years of the infamous "finger" of Mourinho to Vilanova (Video)

Published:6/10/2021 - 16:37h

Updated:6/10/2021 - 16:47h

Already they happened ten years of the finger of Mourinho in the eye to Tito Vilanova in the scuffle that armed in the final of the Supercopa between the Barcelona and the Real Madrid in 2011

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In spite of that feels like a recent fact the most shameful sanction of the history fulfils ten years. It does exactly a decade, the aggression of José Mourinho to Tito Vilanova, second trainer of the Barcelona in the era of Guardiola, in the Supercopa of 2011 was recessed of grave fault to slight fault and punished with two parties of absence.

In the meantime Vilanova, for reacting with a cachetada after Mourinho put him a finger in the eye received a party of sanction. Or it was, only one less than the one who initiated the aggression. If his repudiable act had been cataloged like a grave fault, the only judge Alfredo Flórez, the one who carried the case in that then, could have sanctioned to the Portuguese of 4 to 12 parties sanctioned. At the end, this stage no dió.

The turn of the Supercopa went to play in the Camp Nou, with triumph barcelonista and final episode that gave of what speak: A dirty and violent entrance of Marcelo to Cesc Fábregas in front of the benches. The footballer merengue was expelled and like result desató with tangana back in which Mourinho approaches by behind to Vilanova and puts him a finger in the eye with premeditation and alevosía. Afterwards, the assistant of Guardiola answers with a cachetada and a push.

The day 23 opens the file, with the articles 98 and 122 of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF specified like applicable, articles that contemplate of 4 to 12 parties. If Vilanova had suffered an ocular injury by the aggression of Mourinho, could have received a penalty of 2 to 3 years.

Incredibly, the Portuguese when being interpelado by the press afterwards of the party tried to do the desentendido by the occurred and, in spite of being recorded by the cameras, pretended not knowing to Vilanova calling him "Whistle" in place of Tito. "I do not know who is Whistle Vilanova (…) do not have at all that say", said.

Pressure and reprieve

Immediately, it began a campaign by part Florentino Pérez through all a conglomerate mediático to treat to back to the Portuguese technician. The leaders of the Real Madrid issued a communiqué in which victimizaban and alluded to supposed plots. This pressure of Pérez surtió effect. On 5 October the articles by which sanctioned him were modified.

Finally, to the current trainer of the Rome fell him two parties and to Vilanova one. Said sanction had to fulfil it in the Supercopa. The most surprising, is that any fulfilled the penalty because in July of 2012 the two were indultados. The one who could be the action more antideportiva that has seen in all the history of the Classical finished remaining impune.

Today Mourinho regrets it

In spite of it repudiable that it was his action, the Portuguese confessed long afterwards in conversations that had with Joãor Gabriel for his book "Keep crazy and hambrientos" that his "dedazo" to VIlanova was something that would not repeat. "I was the one who failed, would not have to have done what did. Claro that no, the negative image remains for ever. Tito did not have at all that see with this. I'm sorry by him".

It mentioned that, in that then the dynamics in which it was incurso when it directed the Real Madrid resumía in that it was necessary to win constantly. "I have been a bit victim of me same. If it could, it would be one of the things that would not repeat. I won, I won and I won. I put me in a dynamics in which not winning seemed like the end of the world (…) I same, by my personality, promoted a bit this, that all is always to win, win or win. When it arrived to situations in which it was very difficult to do it, something that for other trainers was something acceptable, for me always considered insufficient, a failure ".

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