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The Barça already prepares the season 2021-22... With Messi between the plans!

Published:9/05/2021 - 17:16h

Updated:9/05/2021 - 22:54h

The FC Barcelona trusts that Leo Messi will remain in the Camp Nou for the next renewal and, to fault that it renew his agreement, already have he

Calendar of FC Barcelona

With the happen of the weeks has cleared more the incógnita of the future of Lionel Messi, that finishes his agreement with the FC Barcelona during this summer and has not renewed the agreement, waiting for that it finish the present season. In the club, however, are very calm and are safe that the Argentinian will follow dressing the elastic Barcelona by a pair of years more.

Thus, in Can Barça have begun to prepare the next course, in which it expects that they can give the extra jump that in this campaign have not been able to give. Joan Laporta, Mateu Alemany and Joan Laporta want the best version of the Barcelona group and to achieve it, Leo Messi has to be, reason by which have him incluído between his plans and projects to improve to the team.

The reality is that the 'Case Messi' condition all the rest of the plans of the Barça. The Argentinian is the main figure of the team (and of the history of the club) and his presence gives him to the culés a 'plus' that at all more can give, in a lot of senses. In addition to all what contributes in the field, that already is enough, Messi is one of the greater 'sources' of income for the blaugrana because it is the perfect magnet for the patrocinos and the player that more T-shirts sells.

In the offices of the Camp Nou are conscious that it has been the rosarino and his talent what has promoted to the Barça to be a global mark and is one of the reasons by which will struggle through thick and thin to achieve retain him, a stage that is more possible that never. 'ESPN' Had informed does some days that the only that was missing for the renewal, was the signature of the player. Like this, would be remaining two years more. However, from the television chain had ensured that Joan Laporta promised him the signing of Neymar Jr to Leo (and already has renewed with the PSG), by what remain lagoons in the information.

In spite of this, the renewal continues being a real possibility and it will be necessary to expect to June so that it was announced, in such a case. It fits to remember that in December, in an interview with Jordi Évole, Messi confirmed that it would be at the end of season when it would pronounce regarding his future and, for the moment, everything indicates to that will remain in the team that has seen him grow and in which it has turned into the best player of the world.

Messi, the finances and the signings

It is not a secret that the extension of the agreement of 'The Flea' supposes a big outlay for the Barça, although it would access to a significant reduction of his annual wage. The mount will keep on being very high and, knowing the current economic situation of the club, difficult to assume. Nevertheless, the renewal will have an effect dominated and in the dispatches expect to have more patrocinos thanks to the continuity of Messi.

To his time, will affect to the subject of signings and the possible arrivals to the Camp Nou in the summer. The directors are conscious that the captain 'attract' to the players and that to many would like them play to his side, by what exist possibilities that they access to reductions of his index card to be able to play in the Barça and develop like footballers, in the case of the youngest.

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