Several young talents of the FC Barcelona, forged in The Masia

They contribute until 19 futures cracks

The Barça "golea" with his promises in the Football Draft

Published:12/06/2017 - 19:21h

Updated:12/06/2017 - 19:21h

The Masia of the FC Barcelona is still working to full performance, and if no only is necessary to see the list of promises of the Spanish football collected in "Football Draft", where the Barcelona are the team with younger talents of Spain

Calendar of FC Barcelona

True is that it does time that the Barcelona formative football does not see to increase his presence in the first team of the FC Barcelona. From it does some years this has gone decreciendo, although seen the future that comes him to the entity blaugrana, many can not leave to think that the returns will change in little time.

As as it remains showed in the list given by the Technical Committee of "Football Draft", the Barça is the Spanish club with younger promises. With youngsters that go from the year 2000 until 1997, the culés copan the lists of future promises.

As the culés have until nineteen footballers of The Masia in the list, The have won fourteen of the seventeen leagues that have contested the already finished 2016-2017 is a sample more than the good health that enjoys the factory of footballers of the Catalan team.

These are the players culés in the list of 132 players:

The goalkeepers Iñaki Crag (1999), Adrià Rojas (2000) and Arnau Tenas (2001), the sides Dani Morer (1998), Marc Cucurella (1998), Mateu Morey (2000) and Juan Miranda (2000), the central 'Chumi' (1999) and Eric García (2000), the mediocentros Àlex Carbonell (1997), Ferran Sarsanedas (1997), Carles Aleñá (1998), Oriol Busquets (1999) and Jandro Orellana (2000), the extreme Carles Pérez (1998), Jordi Mboula (1999) and Sergio Gómez (2000) and the leading Rafa Mujica (1998) and Abel Ruiz (2000).

Complete list of the "Football Draft"


Juan Soriano 1997 Seville F.C.

Unai Simón 1997 Athletic Club

Iván Villar 1997 Celtic of Vigo

Álvaro Fdez. Llorente 1998 C.To. Osasuna

Dani Martín 1998 Sporting of Gijón

Diego Conde 1998 Athletic of Madrid

Iñaki Crag 1999 F.C. Barcelona

Adrián López 1999 R.C.D. Espanyol

Marc Vidal 2000 Villarreal C.F.

Álvaro Fdz. Calvo 2000 Real Madrid

Adrià Rojas 2000 F.C. Barcelona

Arnau Tenas 2001 F.C. Barcelona

Right sides

David Carmona 1997 Seville C.F.

Pablo Maffeo 1997 Manchester City

Joan Tailor 1997 R.C.D. Mallorca

Pol Lirola 1997 Juventus

Borja Saint Emeterio 1998 Seville F.C.

Dani Morer 1998 F.C Barcelona

Aitor Buñuel 1998 C.To. Osasuna

Gonzalo Ávila 1998 R.C.D. Espanyol

Álex Oaks 1999 Málaga C.F.

Gorka Zabarte 1999 Real Madrid

Mateu Morey 2000 F.C.Barcelona

Víctor Gómez 2000 R.C.D. Espanyol

Left sides

Aarón Martín 1997 R.C.D. Espanyol

Adrián Marín 1997 Villarreal C.F.

Sergio Akieme 1997 Ray Vallecano

Antonio Latorre 1997 Valency C.F.

Angeliño Esmoris 1997 Manchester City

Marc Cucurella 1998 F.C. Barcelona

David Fondarella 1998 Villareal C.F.

Christian Manrique 1998 Ray Vallecano

Carlos Cobo 1998 Real Madrid

Fran García 1999 Real Madrid

Haritz Estivariz 1999 Real Sociedad

Juan Miranda 2000 F.C. Barcelona

Central defences Rights

Jesús Vallejo 1997 Real Madrid

Julio Pleguezuelo 1997 F.C. Arsenal

Lluis López 1997 R.C.D Espanyol

Luis Muñoz 1997 Málaga C.F.

Pepe Brown 1998 Villareal C.F.

Pelayo Suárez 1998 Sporting of Gijón

Álex Martín 1998 Real Madrid

David Went up 1999 Real Saragossa

Julen Bernaola 1999 Athletic Club

Juan Brandariz "Chumi" 1999 F.C Barcelona

Víctor Chust 2000 Real Madrid

Eric García 2001 F.C. Barcelona

Left central defences

Jorge Meré 1997 Sporting of Gijón

Xiker Ozerinjauregi 1997 C.D. Toledo

Javier Jiménez 1997 Valency C.F.

Antonio Montoro 1997 Athletic of Madrid

Iñigo Baqué 1997 Athletic Club

Diego Alende 1997 Celtic of Vigo

José María Love 1998 Seville F.C.

Álex Zalaya 1998 Real Saragossa

Manu Hernando 1998 Real Madrid

Joan Saves 1999 Villareal C.F

Jorge Cuenca 1999 To.D. Alcorcón

Hugo Guillamón 2000 Valency C.F.

Mediocentros Right

Pedro Chirivella 1997 Liverpool F.C.

Pape Cheikh 1997 Celtic of Vigo

Àlex Carbonell 1997 F.C. Barcelona

Carlos Soler 1997 Valency C.F.

Igor Zubeldia 1997 Real Sociedad

Ferran Sarsanedas 1997 F.C. Barcelona

Aleix García 1997 Manchester City

José Luis García "Pepelu" 1998 Raise Or.D.

Óscar Rodríguez 1998 Real Madrid

Martín Calderón 1999 Real Madrid

Oriol Busquets 1999 F.C. Barcelona

Antonio White 2000 Real Madrid

Mediocentros Left

Cristian Rivera 1997 sports clubs Eibar

Fede Saint Emeterio 1997 Seville F.C

Carles Aleñá 1998 F.C. Barcelona

Peru Nolaskoain 1998 Athletic Club

Genaro Rodríguez 1998 Seville F.C.

Manu Morlanes 1999 Villareal C. F.

Pol Lozano 1999 R.C.D. Espanyol

Fran Beltrán 1999 Ray Vallecano

Jandro Orellana 2000 F.C. Barcelona

Moha Moukhliss 2000 Real Madrid

Carlos Beitia 2000 Villareal C.F.

Right extremes

Sergi Canós 1997 Brentford

Enrique Barja 1997 C.To. Osasuna

Javi Ontiveros 1997 Málaga C.F.

Óscar Melendo 1997 R.C.D. Espanyol

Dani Elm 1998 Dinamo Zagreb

Jordán Gutiérrez 1998 R.C.D. Espanyol

Alberto Fernández 1999 Real Madrid

Javi Pérez 1999 Seville F.C.

Ivan Martín "Pacheco" 1999 Villareal C.F.

Jordi Mboula 1999 F.C. Barcelona

Ferran Torres 2000 Valency C.F

Ander Barrenetxea 2001 Real Sociedad

Left extremes

Iñigo Córdoba 1997 Athletic Club

Gaspar Baker 1997 Or.D. Almería

Rubén Fernández 1998 Athletic of Madrid

Toni Safe 1998 Real Madrid

Álex White 1998 Valency C.F.

Carles Pérez 1998 F.C. Barcelona

Alejandro Pozo 1999 Seville F.C.

Paulino Miguélez 1999 Real Racing Club

Diego Pampín 2000 Celtic of Vigo

Salomón Obama 2000 Athletic of Madrid

Sergio Gómez 2000 F.C. Barcelona

José Alonso Lara 2000 Seville F.C.


Mikel Oyarzabal 1997 Real Sociedad

Álvaro Fidalgo 1997 Real Madrid

Fran Villalba 1998 Valency C.F.

Antonio Otegui 1998 C.To. Osasuna

Jonatan Montiel 1998 Ray Vallecano

Javier Puado 1998 R.C.D Espanyol

Paolo Fernándes 1998 Manchester City

Manu García 1998 Manchester City

Alberto Fernández 1999 R.C.D. Mallorca

Alberto Soro 1999 Real Saragossa

Brahim Abdelkader 1999 Manchester City

Víctor Sanbartolomé 1999 Athletic Club

Leading centre

Asier Villalibre 1997 Athletic Club

Toni Martínez 1997 West Ham

Borja Mayoral 1997 Real Madrid

Álex Bermejo 1998 R.C.D. Espanyol

Fran Navarro 1998 Valency C.F.

Rafa Mujica 1998 FC Barcelona

Dani Gómez 1998 Real Madrid

"Kuki" Zalazar 1998 Málaga C.F.

Miguel de la Fuente 1999 Real Valladolid

Alejandro Millán 1999 Villareal C.F.

Nacho Díaz 2000 Villareal C.F.

Abel Ruiz 2000 F.C Barcelona

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