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The 'rajada' of Pjanic against Koeman: "He has disrespected me"

Published:3/09/2021 - 23:21h

Updated:4/09/2021 - 08:17h

After confirming his cession to the Besiktas by a season, Miralem Pjanic has broken the silence regarding the year that lived in the FC Barcelona

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This Thursday confirmed that the FC Barcelona had arrived to an agreement with the Besiktas for the cession of Miralem Pjanic by a season. The bosnio, that does not go in in the plans of Ronald Koeman and was allocated to be in the bench, understood the situation and decided that it preferred to leave to some team in which himself could play. Now, from Istanbul, has analysed his complicated go through the group blaugrana.

In an interview offered to the newspaper 'MARK', Pjanic has spoken on all his experience with the Barça, since it was small and liked him the game of the culés, until his last days dressing the elastic blaugrana, which were a nightmare. After recognising left because "it could not accept a situation like which happened the past year. It was very clear for me that did not want to this, because I am a footballer to the that likes him a lot always play, is what does me happy", the footballer of 31 years recognised that the philosophy of the Catalan club always called him the attention.

"It wanted to that 'challenge', was the just moment to try it... But I found me a trainer that do not know"

"It is clear that the philosophy of the Barça in the last years adapted to my football and to what likes me. And when it was inside the Barça when you see to the players darse that it was this that was dreaming from outside", explained, before desvelar how lived the stage before his arrival to the City Condal, confirming that "it was smart to give this step and test this new challenge, after nine years in Italy, wanted this challenge, was the just moment to try it. But I found me a trainer that do not know", referring to Koeman.

Darts to Koeman

The midfield player bosnio does not explain what happened with his stage in the Barça and reason Koeman did not give him opportunities to play and show his potential. "It was I the one who went to ask him what wanted to of me, of this position, what am doing bad or to know, for adapting me faster inside team, stop to be useful...", confessing that for the one of Zaandam "there were not problems in my game, did not give me answers" and that with the happen of the time, the situation was worse, although he kept in a very professional posture always.

"You need the confidence, the dialogue, that say you the things to the face, that Koeman never has said them to me"

It added that fue a very difficult "situation to comprise", standing out that inside the club had people that did not understand what was happening, by what did not doubt in accepting when it presented the opportunity of recalar in the Besiktas in quality of loan. "It went out this opportunity [Besiktas], wanted to listen it. I want to play, I am sure of my quality, know very very what can contribute to a team", but that for this "need the confidence, the dialogue, that say you the things to the face, that never has said them to me".

It continued saying that it had preferred that they said "him the things directly, but is like this. It has been a form to communicate very odd, is the first time that live this. Never I have had problems in any team, with any trainer, think that have very good relation with all the trainers...", insisting in that it did not know what had happened, but that was missing responsibility and did not want to confontación "because surely it did not know to manage this".

Complicated from the beginning

Pjanic Referred to that his start in the Barça was complicated, beginning with that arrived to a new club, with a new trainer two weeks later that all by the situation of the pandemia. "I begin to train little by little, only, to prepare me with the preparador physical, and go going in with the mates. And at all, they happen two, three, four, seven, 10 days and the míster never came to speak a bit of what thought of the season, of me, to speak simply, to enter me inside a team, as it does the rest".

"When you do not play it is difficult physical and mentally be well, because it is killing you the confidence"

It thought that it would be something passenger, but the situation was complicated. "It was very well, playing my parties, but clear, wanted to more, to give more by the team. I am a person that always wants the maximum and give more", highlighting that "when you do not play is difficult physical and mentally be well, because it is killing you the confidence, because you do not have communication with him".

It spoke also that it was to title in the Champions League, in phase of groups, but in LaLiga remained entirely by out. "It was very difficult to accept, have expected to the end to treat to change the things, but at all. I played all the parties in Champions, win 0-2 in Turín, arrives LaLiga... And it went".

Like this, in his opinion, is very slope up understand what wants the trainer. "I went to ask him, went to see him, 'míster, am doing something badly, my attitude is bad, what want to exactly of me', to ask what can do, for knowing". Koeman Answered him that "'No, no, 'Mirem', is only rotation, do not have any problem, your attitude is good...", but that equally left him always went.

The bosnio aimed that "it had liked me that it said me to the face are not for me. The face to face did not exist and do not understand it", as well as that looked for a speaker to find a solution, but that almost at the end went to "say me that understand my disappointment, that see me train and am well, but can not do at all. That they can not put inside the things of the míster. But any understood. They appreciated me the attitude and the professionalism".

"It was not to the only to the that happened him..."

The ex of the Juventus referred to that he was not the only that lived this complicated situation with Koeman, referring to the cases of Umtiti, Junior Firpo, Riqui Puig... But that did not want to speak of them. "How it thinks that it was? Of finals of February until May did not play almost at all. It was very disappointed, sad, but less bad that I am a boy like this, could have said 'am three years old of agreement and whatever happens does not matter me'. But I am not like this. It is a very difficult situation to accept, but go to struggle in the entrenos, when it can train strong will do it, for me, because this person here does not go to change never".

"It could have said 'I am three years old of agreement and whatever happens does not matter me'. But I am not like this"

There it was when 'rajó' against Koeman, aiming that "the trainer, the gravest thing, think that is a lack of respect on the group, was this. Those that do not play after the parties do a train strong, well, whereas the headlines recover for the next party. These that do not play, the grave thing for me is that this trainer was not never here to see the attitude of these footballers that do not play".

Pjanic Asks "How a player can motivate or say 'am here'? How I can change the things if he does not come to see how train or which attitude have?", adding that "this is a thing, one of the grossest [ugly] that have seen, for me is one very big lack of respect. We were struggling, it was not easy for which did not play, and he has not been here in all the season".

The letter of freedom

In another point, spoke of the letter of freedom that would have proposed him the FC Barcelona. "It is a question for them, no for me. Always I have understood the problems of all. In the life, all have them", but qu there are forms to find a solution in group. "I am not a stupid boy, understand everything, but always communicating with the maximum respect, is as it has to do ".

His discount salarial current of 60% has not been the only help that has given to the club, confirming that "before coming to the Barça already did an effort, winning less than there. But I am not of which likes them speak of this". Finally, it wishes that "the Barça do it very well in the future, economically and deportivamente. I wish that my mates win a lot of titles, deserve it to him. They are players of high level and quality. But we know that they are in an economic situation complicated, expect that soon the things are much better".

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