While the kristian can play with the espanyol his brother kevin can not it do with the fc barcelona

The surrealist case of the FIFA with the brothers Kelley

The surrealist case of the FIFA with the brothers Kelley

Published:4/11/2015 - 09:27h


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Treating of the FIFA and the FC Barcelona, the reality always surpasses to the fiction as in the case of the brothers Kelley where although the minor can play with the benjamín of the Espanyol, the elder can not do it with the alevín of the Barça. A totally absurd decision

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The ways of the FIFA, from does a year for the FC Barcelona, are inscrutable. And it is that the decisions of the maximum world-wide organism of the football do not have any coherence and seems that only they centre in an obsession enfermiza to the Barça. Of another way does not explain on what informs the journalist of the newspaper "Sport" Josep Maria Capdevilla and the young brothers Kelley.

The family Kelley carries several years living in Barcelona, city to which arrived from norteamérica, and the two retoños play to the football in the two teams of the city, the Espanyol and the FC Barcelona. Well, at present one plays and the another no. Although the small of the Kelley, Kristian, is doing it without any problem, as it has to be, with Benjamín To of the group perico, his brother May Kevin can not do it with the Alevín C of the Barça.

Rare? As yes, but for the maximum world-wide organism of the world of the football at all is it. And it is that all is due to the age of each one. While Kristian was born in the 2006 and has, therefore, less than dies years, his brother already has fulfilled said age and goes in inside a stupid rule promoted by the own FIFA. For the foreign players that are a member of the inferior categories of a team have to presents the International Certificate of the Traspaso. This CTI is a documentation in which almost they ask him to the boy until the bible. From his certificate of births, until his academic destination, the approval of the Federation of the country of origin or the certificate of work and residence of his parents. Neither the immigration of the United States asks as much as the FIFA to allow that some boys can hit him patadas to a ball.

And due to the fact that Kevin still has not been able to gather all these documents that take long in arriving, since they have to be asked to the United States, he follows without playing with his friends. The FIFA, in addition to corrupt as it is showing with the cases in the grantings of world-wide and wages injustificados, allows that in a family a brother can exert his right to practise the sport that him plazca whereas the another no. Of crazy.

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