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The triangle culé that moves the permanence of Messi in the club

Published:14/04/2021 - 21:53h

Updated:14/04/2021 - 21:53h

Griezmann, Neymar and Haaland arm a triangle of possibilities and options so that it continue Messi

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The continuity of Messi is not ensured in the Barcelona until the moment, although the positivism follows being in the air and the last weeks have showed signals that the Argentinian seems to feel happy. However, the reality in the club is complicated and is not simple to have he.

So that it can give his permanence, further of the emotional, has to take in account a triangle of players that can move to be able to do effective and at least credible the stage of the permanence of Messi. Neymar, Haaland and Griezmann are the players that conform the triangle.


The French does not finish to fit in the Barcelona and his index card is considerably high for a player that is not usual neither essential in the club. Every time that the staff is to tope, the French is used to to be the main sacrificed to the detriment of Dembelé and Messi, the attackers more in shape of the team.

His exit is almost a fact for the next campaign and with this, would give a space salarial considerable for the team, that can use for the new agreement of Messi or in his defect, for the agreement of the player crashes that it can arrive.


The Norwegian is of turns represented by Raiola and his father, looking for a project that can satisfy his needs and priorities, in addition to the ones of his team. The Neymar was one of which received his visit and the friendship between the representative of Erling and Laporta, plays a bit in favour of the club blaugrana.

But the money keeps on being an obstacle, by what the contracting of Haaland appears in the horizon like a dream and at the same time, a big baza in favour of the permanence of Messi, that would see a sportive argument to follow litigating with the only T-shirt that has defended like professional.


His no renewal keeps on being a mystery since every time that it can ensures that it will remain in Paris, a city that turned into his house, such as it affirmed after deleting to the Bayern of Munich recently. It thinks that this tardanza is waiting for knowing how will arm the PSG in relation to Messi.

The fanatical culé follows divided in relation to Neymar by the form in which it went out and do not see with good eyes his return, much less to earn an astronomical wage, although yes it is true that with the current level, many think it to him and want to see it beside Messi.

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