The press surrenders to the good do blaugrana and applauds the bathroom historico to the real madrid

The world-wide press surrendered to the bathroom of the Barça to the Real Madrid

The world-wide press surrendered to the bathroom of the Barça to the Real Madrid

Published:22/11/2015 - 13:41h


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So much the national press like the international has praised the good game of the Barça and the review that it has given him to a Madrid segundón. Several newspapers speak of humiliation after 0-4 that the men of Luis Enrique have lumbered with him to the ones of Rafa Benítez

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It has not been only thing of the barcelonismo, all the world surrenders to the boys of Luis Enrique. And it is that the goleada achieved in this thirteenth day of the League BBVA in Santiago Bernabéu and in front of the Real Madrid has not happened unobserved for anybody. The goals of Luis Suárez in two occasions, Neymar Júnior and Andrés Iniesta have meant a so big exhibition in front of which any sportive newspaper of the world has at all that object.

Neither if it want the Madrilenian press, accustomed to not seeing what all the world sees, could this time say at all against of the Barcelona victory. Like this "ACE" spoke of a Madrid in ruins and commented on a monumental bathroom of the Barcelona to the whites. The "Mark" did not remain neither short when speaking of total Crisis madridista and of the exhibition blaugrana.

ACE: ?The Madrid remains in ruins?. ?Monumental bathroom of a Barça with a plan to a Madrid without him and with a political alignment. Luis Suárez, twice, Iniesta and Neymar carried to the marker the insultante superiority culé. Whistles and handkerchieves to the team and to the president?

Mark: ?Real crisis. The Barcelona goleó to the Madrid (0-4) with two goals of Luis Suárez, one of Neymar and another of Iniesta in an exhibition of hit Barcelona and of indolencia madridista. Benítez Remains very questioned after the defeat. To the ones of Luis Enrique did not do them fault neither Messi, that went out in the second half. Deep crisis in Concha Spine?.

Sport: "The Barça shatters to the Madrid. The Barça gave a hit of effect in the League humiliating to the Real Madrid with a goleada spectacular (0-4). Luis Suárez, by double game, Neymar and Iniesta propiciaron with his so many a crisis and a pañolada as it did time that did not see in the Bernabéu. And they strengthened, in passing, the leadership".

Sportive world: "spectacular Symphony of the Barça and concert of whistles for the Real Madrid. The team of Luis Enrique degraded to the white team, very vulgar in his game, until the ridiculous in the? Bernabéu And caused cries of Florentino, resignation?.

Inside the international press, the headlines of the most stood out newspapers are the following:

Gazzetta dello Sport: ?Barça unreal, Madrid demolido. Benítez, a disaster?.

It ran dello Sport: ?Barça, poker of madness?. ?The Real Madrid of Benítez, powdered?.

Daily Mirror: ?Suárez, Neymar and Iniesta shoot lead the 0-4 of the Barça?.

The Sun: ?The Barça began without Messi, and the Madrid finishes in a real disaster?, in a game of words between Messi and the white disaster.

The Telegraph: ?Suárez and Neymar lead a work of demolition in the Classical?.

Globoesporte: ?Messi, for what?. Neymar, Suárez and Iniesta shine. The Barcelona detroza to the Real Madrid in the Bernabéu?.

Or Jogo: ?The Barcelona humiliates to the Madrid?.

Olé: ?To the rhythm of the quartet. The Barcelona him sio a tremendo dance to domicile to the madrid, won him 0-4 and on Messi went back to play after eight weeks. The party is culé?.

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