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Total commitment! The money that Cancelo and Joao Félix gave up to play for Barça

Published:6/04/2024 - 10:07h

Updated:6/04/2024 - 10:07h

Joao Cancelo and especially Joao Félix have made many resignations to be able to play this season for Barça. The two had to forgive an important part of their old salary in order to arrive on loan to Barcelona

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Joao Félix and Cancel are the alive sample of all what moves the FC Barcelona in the world. The Portuguese always had dreamed with playing in the group barcelonista and this past summer, when at last it arrived them the opportunity, any doubted in renouncing to what did lacking with such to see fulfilled this wish. So much the ex of the Manchester City like the ex of the Athletic of Madrid sacrificed a part of his wage to be able to arrive yielded to the Barcelona picture.

In the case of the attacker, still there are a lot of doubts on the money that has 'forgiven' by this cession. In the first place, it is necessary to stand out that the Barça inscribed him with a wage ínfimo of so alone 400.000 gross euros annual. This is something confirmed, since it announced it in September Eduardo Romeu, already ex economic vice-president of the entity. Nevertheless, from LaLiga did not admit a discount like this and considered it out of the market, putting they a wage of 4 million gross euros. Finally, in the own entity barcelonista announced in October the rise of wage of the forward until this quantity.

But this discount it is necessary to explain it also adding the context of what won in the Athletic, since it has lost much more money of the that seems. In the Metropolitan, Joao won until this past summer some 15 million gross euros annual, that did almost 8 net. Before leaving to the Barcelona, like indispensable condition of the colchoneros, the luso had to accept renew until 2029, two years more than the signed, with a discount salarial of 50%, happening from this moment to earn 8 gross. Therefore, the reality is that to have remained in Madrid would be winning 6 'kilos' more than which wins now, since it has happened of the almost 8 net to 2.

What has done Joao Félix is one of the economic gestures bigger that have done recently in the football, something that he same recognised. "Yes, the truth that yes, that renounced to a significant quantity of money of my wage. But well, it needed to change, it needed to go for a place in that it could practise my football and as I have said always thought that east would be the ideal place", commented does months the Portuguese.

I cancel it renounced also to a part of his wage

On the other hand, I Cancel also it had to lose a part of his wage, although neither much less went as much as his compatriot. In the City, the side was winning almost 14 million gross euros, but so that they squared the numbers in Barcelona with the problems of Fair Play of the Barcelona, had to renounce to around 1,5 'kilos'. Therefore, the carrilero earns around 12,5 gross this season, that are something more than 6 net. It is a discount that shows his total commitment with the club and also that for real always had wanted to play in the City Condal.

Once cleared that both did the impossible to play in the Barça, now is necessary to see which raisin with them the next season. The two want to remain was as it was, but goes to depend fundamentally of Athletic and City. The rojblancos seem to have given already by fact that the cession of Joao will lengthen and that will arrive to an agreement, but in Manchester still have not given his arm to twist. The English want to ingresar money already and it is necessary to see if they accept a loan with option of compulsory purchase, that is what want the culés. I cancel it is doing all the possible so that the 'citizens' yield, but the negotiations continue and still there is not at all enclosed.

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