Ernesto Valverde, greeting to the present journalists


Valverde Already has won to the workers of the club

Published:1/06/2017 - 10:45h

Updated:1/06/2017 - 11:06h

The new trainer of the FC Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, has fallen of foot between the workers of the club after, this past Wednesday, went through the installations of the Camp Nou just before making the traditional photographic session

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Few trainers have fallen so well to the workers of the FC Barcelona as it has done it Ernesto Valverde. True is also that, between the affable personality of Valverde and the driest character of other technicians that has had the Barça along the last times, there is an abyss.

Ernesto Valverde is a near person with those who works, and went it this Wednesday with all the workers of the club that crossed to his step in the installations of the Camp Nou, where attended to make the traditional session of previous photos to the official presentation.

Between the personnel of the present club before and after the session, the Catalan press incide in that the feeling that would have left Ernesto Valverde is the one of a very firm "person and at the same time very simple", near and kind.

Ernesto Valverde, joy infected to the rest

True is also that the happiness accompanied to Ernesto Valverde along all the day, and this joy was infected by the same trainer to the rest of presents. "It seems a very simple person, very affable", said some of the workers of the offices of the club, situated in the street Arístides Maillol of Barcelona.

From this Thursday, after the official presentation with the FC Barcelona, already will exert like trainer of the first team and will begin to take decisions of the hand of Robert Fernández, the technical secretary, regarding the next season 2017-18.

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