The Portuguese forward ensures that it never has had any problem with the Argentinian

What thinks really Christian Ronaldo on Messi?

What thinks really Christian Ronaldo on Messi?

Published:6/11/2015 - 10:46h


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The big star of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, seems that it is giving a "tour" of interviews to distinct means of the international panorama during the last weeks, saying almost the same in all. This time has left clear that considers to Messi "fantastic"

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In the enésima interview conceded by Cristiano Ronaldo during the last days, the big star of the Real Madrid has flirted with the Manchester United, has elogiado to Leo Messi and has recognised also that has fear that his mother "can die" as a result of the tension that feels by the critical constants that pour on him. In statements conceded to "TalkSport", has ensured besides that it is very easy to put with him, although the only that it wants to are "more prizes and titles".

On the criticisms of the fans and media by his egocentrism, says the following: "it Is what there is, can not complain me. If you concern you in excess of what all the world thinks finish not living your life. I try to do the correct things, be an example... But from here you have to live your life. Anybody is in my shoes. They do not know me. They do not live my life, do not train when I train, do not go to play and are booed. The easy is to put with me. I carry 13 years like professional sportsman and am accustomed to this".

Cristiano Ronaldo does not tire never to win individual prizes. "Be recognised like the best player of the world is fantastic, but is not the most important. For me the most important is to be to the highest level year after year. That is the challenge for me. It is the most difficult, and the people that knows of football recognises just this. Of course it is better to win collective awards. But I seat me well, win individual prizes and win trophies with the team. Now well, clear that I want to more. I think that I will be still in active some 5 or 6 years more. I want more and more prizes and titles. This is something that love".

It does not want that his family suffer by him. "It is very, very complicated. When you notice that your family and your friends are with the feelings on the surface and more nervous that you same. But they live the football and my life of intense way, especially my mother. My father died 10 years ago and do not want that my mother die in the next 5-10 years. Attempt that calm , say him relax you, this is football, is not the life. It is complicated because she lives it very acutely all the time. It sees the party, puts very nervous... It is difficult", signals.

It ensures that it keeps a good relation with Leo Messi. "It is normal that the press say that the rivalry between both is of a deep personal nature. It is to sell newspapers, and because to them goes them well say these things. But although on the one hand it was normal by the another... I do not know why they do it, because my relation with Messi is good. From 8 years ago we carry coinciding in the estrado all and never never have had a problem with him. It is fantastic like professional and is fantastic like player. All this (of the enmity) only is an invention of the press".

And, on a possible return to the Manchester United, reveal the following: "In football never know what can happen morning. I am to taste in the Madrid, is a fantastic club, but do not know that it will happen morning. The people knows that it loves me the Manchester United. It is genial here, the people supports me a lot... I am to taste in Madrid, but insist in that anybody knows what can happen in the future".

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